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Mac Makeup || Review

I love Mac makeup, it is one of my favorite brands and I just can't get enough of it. So a few months back I picked up a bunch of products from them to try out and some of them I love. Lets get to it.

I needed a new brush cleaner as I really don't like the No.7 Brush Cleaner as it is so greasy and doesn't seem to dry on my brushes, with spot cleans or deep cleans. So, while I was in the Mac Pro store I thought I would ask about the brush cleaner. Well, it just blow me away, it cleans my brushes so well especially in spot cleans, leaving the brushes fresh and clean. Being able to clean my brushes with a spot clean is essential for a makeup artist, as you need your brushes clean and dry for every use. This stuff drys so fast, and doesn't leave any oily residue on the brushes at all, which is great and it feels so nice. This brush cleaner is about £4 more than the No.7 and well worth the price, if you are after an effective spot cleaner the this one is amazing.

This shadow was a fluke that I picked it up, I was actually picking up a blush and while waiting I was looking around the stands when I saw the display of this beautiful shadow. It was so strange to look at, as it is a black shadow with pink glitter/shimmer running through it. I'm not a huge black shadow fan, but there was something about this shadow that I had to have it. I have applied it to deepen my outer corner of my eye shadow and as an overall color and it was just beautiful. Now as an overall color it is really messy and I found that some of the pink did fall out, but when I sprayed my brush with Fix + it fixed the pink to the lid a lot better.

There aren't that many shades in this range of shadows, but I would recommend taking a look at this shade. I think all of these shadows are really beautiful and cannot wait to get a few more.

I picked up this foundation after seeing a full coverage makeup tutorial, and was surprised. I have never though about straying from my trust Studio Fix Fluid, but  after seeing the video I knew I had to give it a go. I always find it hard to find my shade in Mac as I have a yellow undertone but I'm really pale during the colder months, so I end up with a whole bunch of numbers for my skin. With this product I was surprised to find a pale shade easily (NW13), and I couldn't wait to give it a go. One of the best things about this product is that it comes with a pump, I found it so frustrating and hard to find a pump in stock. Pumping the product out it didn't seem to dry or to liquid, the best consistency to apply to the face. On my face, it covered up all my blemishes and evened out my skin tone, giving me a beautiful flawless complexion. Being a mineralize foundation, it has slight dewy finish to it, giving the face a healthy glow. This is great for dry and normal skin, but for oily skin it is wise to powder especially where you get oily most.

Over all this is a great product, but it doesn't last long on oily skin, as you need to keep powdering otherwise it seems to slip slightly. But, for all you dry, normal and even some combo skins it is perfect.

This I received as a sampler (the price is for full size), and it is very unusual. I first used this product as an over all primer, but was shocked when the sun hit my face. This was because my face was shimmering, I mean really shimmering, there is shimmer in the product. This shimmer is not very noticeable at first glance especially when there is not much natural light shining on it. After I found that it had shimmer in, I had to check what you use this product for, well it is actually a primer, I know right. Well it is supposed to blot out oils and reduce redness on the skin, and in all honesty I really do think it removes oils.

This product was a very strange surprise, but I do like it now and again. It does help to add a bit more brightness to the face and help foundations last all day, though the shimmer is off putting. I don't think I will be purchasing this product in full, as I think that there are a few other primers better that Mac do.

This again I received as a gift sampler (price for full size) from Mac on Facebook, I know cool right. I love my sampler, it is so good and great for travel, and the product is really good to, and I will definitely consider picking up the full size. It really does give my lashes more volume, which I do love, though it lacks the length that I love to. But, as volumising mascaras go this one is amazing and so easy to use. The spooli on the wand is thicker and denser, meaning that it catches more lashes and more sides of the lashes making them darker and more dramatic.

If you love volume with your mascara I would recommend this product to everyone.

This may seem expensive but it is a whole lot cheaper the buying all 15 shadows and pan separately (a whole £97.50). It is the lazy and cheaper way to get your hands on a full 15 pan shadow palette, but I think it is so worth it. They have a warm palette and a cool palette, which is great as you can pick up both and still have money over with the price of your own made up one. It is nice to have your own made up one but these two palettes mean you can be more selective as some of the shades you might be after can be found in the palette. The shadows in the warm palette are;

  • Hey
  • Warm Breeze
  • Gingersnap
  • Dark Brew
  • Dance in the Dark
  • Brule
  • Vanilla Extract
  • Honey Lust
  • Amber Lights
  • Saddle
  • Lemon Tart
  • Creative Copper
  • Butterfudge
  • Divine Decadence
  • Unwind

These shadows are brown and gold tones, just beautiful and as I love bronzes, golds and browns this palette is perfect for me. If you are after a 15 pan Mac palette, I would definitely recommend checking these palettes out, as you may find the shades you want.

This was an accidental purchase as I thought I was buying a blush and got home to find it was an eye shadow. Completely shocked and annoyed I complained to Mac via twitter and then email, after talking about it I decided to keep the shadow palette as it didn't look too bad. It isn't something I would have picked up on purpose, but the shades are something that I would go for, as they are gold and bronze. In the palette there is one very glittery shadow which is more orange then golden and does have slight fall out, but minus that shade the rest look beautiful. At first glance they have a wet look to them, like they would be a cream shadow, but they aren't they are powder. Being very fine powder they do have some very beautiful pigment and really help pull off any look. The palette, I think, is great for travelling as it comes with a highlight shade, and four shades that darken as they do down. 

I think now that I have this palette I will definitely have a look at other shades, as I never knew about this product before I got it. There aren't many shades available and they are all shimmery so they aren't for anyone after matte shades. But, overall it is a nice palette to have.

What is your favorite Mac product??

Stay Gorgeous

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