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Laura Mercier Brow Definer || Review

As you know I'm a huge fan of brow product and seeing the Laura Mercier Brow Definer, I couldn't not grab it and give it a go. The pot is so small and cute, it is worth the £17.50, and the product inside will last a super long time.

Firstly the little pot has the classic brownish shimmer lid, with a glass pot filled with product. There are only 3 shades, a dark brown (Warm), medium/light brown (Soft) and blonde (Fair). I picked up Soft as I wasn't sure whether the dark brown would look a little too dark on my brows. It doesn't come with a brush, but you can buy the official one separately, though I'm fine using my Real Techniques Bold Metals Liner Brush. 

The product inside is a little tricky to get used to, as I found if I applied it on powder it didn't spread. But applied on foundation or bare skin it glides on like a dream. It is so easy to shade the brows and fill them in, though I do find that the color does look a little light. Overall I love this product now that I have figured out how to use it. I don't think it is for beginners in brows as it is tricky, but for lovers of the brows and have a little skill in that department should jump on this product. 

What's your favorite brow products??

Stay Gorgeous

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