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Emma Hardie Cleansing Balm || Review

So many Youtubers and Beauty Bloggers talk about the Emma Hardie Cleansing Balm, and I couldn't not try it out. If you have tried the Body Shop Camomile Facial Butter, it is just a more expensive, luxurious version. This product is great at removing all makeup off the face quickly and efficiently, I love using product like this as it makes me feel super clean.

The packaging is very professional, with its clear outer shell and champagne inner. The balm in the inside smells very unusual, with almost an orange zesty scent, just lovely and fresh on the skin. I have found though that the balm can easily melt if you are in a very warm place, during these summer months I've had to put it in the fridge just to harden the product. Though, putting it in the fridge is a really nice experience as well, as it cools the face while cleaning it, great if you have been in the sun and are hot.  The second annoyance with the product is that the lid seems to crack very easily when screwing it on. You usually only get one crack, as that is what I have and what I have seen from people that own this product.

It is really easy to apply, though a little tricky when it is runny. Taking a scope about two finger tips full, apply over a dry, makeup covered face, or just your face making sure it is dry. Rub the product into the skin in circular motion, if you have makeup on you will see the makeup dissolve and move around the face blending into a grey color (if pale). Once you are happy that all the face is covered and cleansed, wash off with warm water and a flannel. The product does come with a half flannel half muslin cloth, which is great for an exfoliation.

This product is slightly expensive at £38, but I think it is worth it for that bit of luxury and deep clean.

What are your favorite facial balm??

Stay Gorgeous

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