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Bobbi Brown Makeup || Review

A few months back now, maybe 6, I picked up a few things from Bobbi Brown. My major goal was to pick up the lip liner in Ballet Pink and the cream shadow in Beach Bronze. Well I picked them up with a few extras, and just had to share with you my new found love for Bobbi Brown.

When I picked this bad boy up it had just been released and the girl on the counter was wearing this exact shade. I was in love, it was an old style nude shade making the lips look larger and perfect. It is so easy to apply as it is just a giant crayon, though it does have that woody scent to it as it is just a basic crayon. When you buy the large crayons they come with a large pencil sharpener, great as I always seem to miss place mine.

It is such a great product and lasts a long time with minimal feathering, I would recommend this product to anyone. The only downside is that there aren't that many shades available at the moment, but I believe that they may be coming up with some new shades in the future.

This was an accidental purchase as I was supposed to get the cream shadow instead of the shadow stick, there was just a miss communication. But, it was a great miss communication at that, it's such a beautiful shade. It is a beautiful golden bronze shade, great for the summer, and super easy to apply, as it is a twist up tube. The product is super creamy, though this is also a problem if you have any other product on your lids, as it can dull the color. But, if you keep lids clear or clean them before you can apply the product straight on, or you can apply it with a brush. 

I would recommend this product to anyone as it is super long lasting, great for oily lids. It also comes in a variety of shades for anyone's taste.

This is one product I couldn't wait to get my hands on, I first saw it on Tanya Burrs Vlogmas video and fell in love with it. I am obsessed with bronze shades and this one just looked divine, she topped it with a gold shadow from Urban Decay and it looked even more stunning. Running through the bronze is gold shimmer, very beautiful and very subtle. Like the Shadow Stick, it does look a little dull if applied over foundation or concealer, so make sure your lids are free from product.

Just like the Shadow Stick it lasts all day and looks beautiful, another recommendation to anyone and everyone.

This product again was one I saw in Tanya Burrs Vlogmas video, but I thought it look a little pinker than what it really looks like. It is actually a beautiful nude shade, which is great as I don't own too many nude shades of lip liner. The consistency is very creamy, which is nice as some lip liners I own are very dry and need some lip balm to help it to glide over the lip. It is also great to blend out if you want more of a lighter shade or an overall liner shade for the lips. I think it is just perfect for spring and summer, and especially for weddings.

Just like the Ballet Pink, Bright Raspberry has the same consistency, which I absolutely love. This liner is more Reddish berry shade, much more brighter than the Ballet Pink, but the perfect shade of berry, great for the autumn/winter months, or for a classic look topped with a blue toned red. The liners are long lasting and don't feather on the lips, perfect to get that beautiful shape to the lips. 

All the lip liners come with sharpeners, great for when you can't find one. They are so stunning and beautiful, that I can't get enough of them. They do come in a variety of shades, though nothing to over the top, just beautiful tones, as that is what Bobbi Brown stands for, Natural Makeup.

What's your favorite Bobbi Brown product??

Stay Gorgeous

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