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August Favorites

Wow that time again, an end of a month and a good old look back. Trust me this month has not been that eventful with favorites, in fact I only have beauty favorites this month. But, now this month is over I can start to get excited for my Holiday and Halloween. I have been filming none stop, so I can have all my Halloween tutorials ready for you all, and you may have seen some snip-its already over on my Instagram page. Here's to another fun month, so lets get started.

Skincare seems to be a be part of this months favorites with three of my favorites being all about my skin. The first is the Garnier Micellar Water. I love this stuff, it really makes removing makeup and grime off the face that little bit easier. This stuff is so handy when you are just too tired to wash your face fully, and something is better than nothing. I have found this so much better than makeup wipes, as it really cleans in to pores and removes some of the toughest makeup. I own the full size Pure Active Micellar Water, which is great for oily skin and also helps fight the blemishes. I also own the handbag sized original Micellar Water, as it just so handy to use on the go and to help clean up any makeup mistakes.

With cleaner skin, comes a good moisturizer, and I finally picked up the Garnier Moisture Match. This is a bit different then what I was expecting, but it has been a great product to use especially for sunny warm days. This moisturizer has an SPF 20 and helps illuminate the face. Being a moisture match moisturizer, it can adapt to your skins hydration needs. For me it dries very quickly and doesn't make my skin feel tacky, greasy or thick with product. It have been a ready used product most mornings this month.

Final skincare favorite has been the InstaNatural Stretch Mark and Scar Cream. I was kindly gifted this product from InstaNatural and absolutely love it. I have found it has made my stretch marks much lighter, great as this is giving me a bit more confidence in my appearance. It smells really nice and really hydrates my skin. I don't think that it is just for stretch marks, as it smells so nice and feels luxurious that it could be used as a body butter. A definite love of this month.

On to makeup and I have been obsessed with an old lipstick of mine, which I gave a new lease of life. My Calvin Kline lipstick in Ethereal, has been sitting in my storage for years and has only been used a handful of times. I still remember getting it one Christmas from my mum, wearing it all the time and being in love with it. But as my interest in beauty expanded, some products got neglected and forgotten. After sorting out all my makeup I decided to clean it all up with my Be So Clean spray and melt it down into a pot. Finally depotted and given a new lease of life, I cannot stop using it and once again am in love with it.

When it comes to highlighters, I usually go for the powdered kind. But, over the past month I have been loving the Nars Copacabana Liquid Illuminator. I have had this product for a while but have never really used it, as I always wear powder. However, recently I have figured out a way to wear it on top of powder and have never looked back. It looks so beautiful and natural, just giving off the right amount of glow. Though a tip for wearing it on top of powder, lightly dab it and never rub. This way the highlighter stays bright and the powder stays perfect.

Finally my last August favorite has been the Rimmel Wake Me Up Mascara. It is so nice in the mornings, having the fresh scent of cucumber, it really wakes me up and feels fresh. It is also great at giving me the length I love and a hint of volume that is always good. Mornings haven't been the same since.

These are my August favorites, what have been yours??

Stay Gorgeous 

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