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Transformulas Lip Plumper || Review

I have always had a love hate relationship with my lips, and I think I will always want them that little bit fuller and bigger (don't worry I haven't had them done). But, not wanting to go all the way with injections and under the knife, I always look at products that boast lip plumping properties. The Transformulas Lip Plumper is one of the recent ones to catch my eye, with the bold statement of increasing your lip size without injections, I just had to try it. For £29.95, it is on the pricey side for a plumping gloss, but with such bold statements I thought it would be worth it.

The packaging looks very sleek and professional, and the application is really quick and easy, just a wand similar to normal lip gloss. The instructions are very simple, apply 3 times a day on its own or under another lip color. Though, it also states that for visible results you need to use it for 4 weeks. So I started my trial to see if there were any results at all, the first application was quick and easy with slight tingling in the lips but nothing over the top like you get with plumping lip gloss. It has a menthol smell and slight taste, which makes the cool feeling on the lips last that little bit longer.

I found it left my lips feeling super hydrated and very soft, so far so good. After about 2 weeks I started to notice a slight lift on my top lip, which gave me hope for the product. After the 4 weeks, my lips looked a tiny bit plumper but not anything to what I was originally expecting, as well as not much plump the tingle feeling didn't occur and the menthol scent seemed to disappear. After 2 months of using the product, my lips didn't look any plumper and the product seemed to loose its sparkle. It just became another clear gloss in the collection, it does have a use by of 3 months, but after a month I wasn't expecting most of the zing to go. 

If you are after that plump lip look I would stick to the plain plumping glosses, as they are cheaper and last a lot longer. But , if you want the more permanent look then injections are still the way to go. Don't go straight into injections though, think about it and research doctors so you know you are getting the best care. And NEVER get it done by anyone other than a plastic surgeon as there is more care provided with a doctor then at a beauty salon, so keep safe.

What's your favorite lip plumping gloss??

Stay Gorgeous

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