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Tanya Burr Lashes || Review

I've started to get back into my lashes and love using different styles for different occasions. The resent newbies I have been trying are the Tanya Burr Lashes, I have four styles each with their own positive and negative sides to them, so lets get started.

These lashes are full set of lashes, meaning they cover the whole lash line. They gave off a subtle fullness with length, without looking to over the top. These are less thick compared to the other lashes but they do hold some length. They are clear stripped, like all the other lashes from the range, are aren't too plastic fake looking. I have been able to wear these all day without adding extra glue to hold them on, as they are not heavy on the eye at all.

The downside to this pair, which I don't know if it was just a dud pair, but the moment I removed them the broke up. Some of the lashes came off, with the strip bending and buckling through out. After they were off, I applied them back to the base to see the damage. They were completely ruined! The lashes were so distorted and bent with lashes missing they would look completely stupid if worn again. Just so you all know that it wasn't me but the lashes, I have used Eylure lashes and other Tanya Burr lashes before and since and none have come off like that.

Over all these lashes are really nice on, but would never be able to be used again, for me any way.

These are one of my favorite sets, as they are so easy to wear and just help emphasis the cat eye look. They are corner lashes, meaning that they are only placed on the outer corner of the eye, usually taking up half of the eye. They are longer on the outer edge and shorten as they come into the center, this helps blend the fake lashes with the real lashes in the inner corner of the eye. 

They look very flattering and great for days out or lunches out with friends. These didn't break up either, which means I have been able to wear them a few times over and over again. I'm my opinion these are one of the lashes I would recommend anyone to try.

These lashes are more dramatic to the Bambi lashes, as they are much more thicker and the outer corner is more longer to give off that cat eye. They are more for evenings out or dramatic looks, again these didn't break up, though this could be due to them being thicker. Again these are clear stripped and easy to apply (if you know how to use lashes). They do feel slightly heavier then the Bambi lashes but they aren't too heavy that they make the eyes look half shut. 

These are a really good lash to add drama and depth to the eye with minimal eye makeup. If you are after that dramatic eye, but want to save a few quid I would recommend these lashes.

These lashes are my ultimate love. With the use of duo glue applying and wearing individuals was so easy. You can add a few at the ends of the eye for a cat eye or add some short ones throughout the lash line for thickness. They are so versatile and can be used for both bottom and top lashes they are just what you need. The pack comes with short, medium and long lashes, and are 3 lashes thick. They are a little tricky if you are not very confident at applying false lashes, but in my opinion when you have mastered the full lash these become a whole lot easier. 

The only thing about individuals is you cannot reuse them, as they get damaged easily and can stick to other individuals next to them. But to give your lashes a little boost or add a touch of elegance and glamour for a wedding, christening or birthday look, they are definitely the ones to use. The link for these lashes is for Feel Unique, however, you can buy them in store at Superdrug you just can't order them online.

Overall I am very impressed with the Tanya Burr lashes, but for lashes that lash a lot longer I would suggest Eylure, as they last a whole lot longer and can be reused a lot more. 

Have you tried the Tanya Burr Lashes?? What are your favorites lashes??

Stay Gorgeous

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