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Narsissist Duel-Intensity Eye Shadow Palette || Review

I have been really getting in to my eye shadow lately and have accumulated a lot of palettes. One of my wants has been a Narsissist palette, and seeing one in Space NK I couldn't resist. The palette I picked up was the Duel-Intensity shadow palette, it isn't cheap at £45, but for 8 shadows doubling up to 16 you can't say no. The packaging is very professional with its mirrored front with Narsissist written in white. It is very easy to open and comes with a large mirror and a travel size wet/dry brush (no. 23).

These duel-intesity shadows can be bought as singles, and what makes them duel is the fact you can use them wet or dry. The shadows dry are very beautiful and very pigmented, the 8 shades are;
  • Europa - a light pink shade with slight shimmer
  • Andromeda - a white/cream shade with slight shimmer
  • Himalia - a metallic bronze shade
  • Lysithea - a grey shade with slight shimmer
  • Ursa Major - a brown shade
  • Giove - a dark blue shade with slight shimmer
  • Subra - a maroon shade
  • Sycorx - a black shade

These shadows have no fall out and when dry blend together really well. My favorite shade dry is Himalia, as I am obsessed with bronze shades and it is the only metallic shade in the palette. When the shadows are damp the shades intensifies and brings out a lot more pigment in the shadow. By adding the water you create 8 more unique shades, which I find perfect for a dramatic night look. Adding the water also makes the shadows last longer as it helps them to stick to the skin. The shades with slight shimmer, don't seem to shine too well when used dry, but add water and the shimmer really stands out. The only thing that I would say when using these shadows wet, is don't use to much water other wise it will go everywhere and blend with a clean, dry brush. You need to use a dry, clean brush as the blending process can be a little messy and harder when the shadow is wet as it likes to dry almost instantly. 

I love this palette and would recommend it to anyone looking for that versatile palette to add to your collection. It is expensive, but when you add up the cost of buying the shades and brush separate you save money. The brush on its own is £31, and one duel-intensity shadow costing £21, so you save £154, so who wouldn't want that.

Have you tried the Duel-Intensity Shadows??

Stay Gorgeous

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