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Mac Makeup Course

For my 23rd Birthday, I received a Wowcher voucher for a 3 hour makeup course, at the London Makeup School, and I was super excited. I have never been on a makeup course before and couldn't wait, plus I would receive a set of 7 makeup brushes, who could complain at that.

I booked my slot for the 9th July between 4pm and 7pm. When the 8th of July came I got a text from the company to say that all courses had been cancelled for that day due to the train strike, so I booked it for the following week, 16th July between 12.30pm and 3.30pm. The big day finally arrived and I headed up to London, Oxford Street with a few bits of makeup just in case.

The first impressions of the room was cramped, very very cramped. Being on of the hottest day that week, heat was another factor in this room, not air con or fans, so very hot indeed. When we were seated we were told to remove all makeup and apply moisturizer, so I did as I was told and sat their feeling a little self conscious of the fact my bare face was on display. Well the makeup artist introduced herself and us to her, she also mentioned that she didn't ever work for MAC so we were a little confused about the relevance for our Mac course. On of the girls in the group got up and acted as the class model for all the makeup to be done on her, first look, no makeup makeup look. Very straight forwards, less is more always powder and use brown. Well we got primer and concealer but I never saw any foundation or powder, let alone brown shadow and a nude lipstick (glade I bought my own stuff now). There were a group of girls behind me which were a little annoyed when given some Bobbi Brown products, as it was supposed to be a Mac makeup course. 

On to the night look, which did go over time which meant when it came to us trying the look she only wanted us to do eye shadow. Well she did show us how to apply blush professionally, but no contour was used or much brow for that matter. Again, we didn't have very colorful shadow just darks, so no going adventurous like the artist said to do. The brushes were ok, but not the best and definitely not the nicest to use in a delicate area like the eyes. The artist came over to look at everyone's handy work, mine was good but then she did something I would never do to any client of mine, smear dark shadow up towards my brow. Now, I'm all up for a smokey eye and that would have gone well, but the look I was going for was more delicate and not really smokey. I then tried to apply some of the mascara given out and it was completely empty, just why. So, looking in the mirror I looked more like the living dead then someone who has a great lesson in Mac. The class was finished, so I quickly got some concealer to ride me of this weird dark hays on my lid, did my brows and grabbed some mascara and lipstick. I felt practically naked on my face and was super self conscious.

Now, it was a Birthday present and I am grateful for it, but I would say for anyone considering taking the class to avoid it. You are better off at booking an appointment at a Mac store and learning there as you will feel more relaxed and feel more like yourself. I'm not saying I didn't learn a few tips, but I saw a lot of bad tips as well, like color corrector used in the wrong way, and that was by one of the instructors. On the plus side I did get some new brushes, which I can use in my special fx kit and I should be getting a certificate, if it ever comes.

Stay Gorgeous

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