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July Favorites

Only 2 months to go till I go on holiday and enjoy 2 weeks in the sun. But, with the summer holidays commencing I have to look back on a few bits I have been loving this past month. There are a few things missing from my list but that is because I will be including them in my August favorites as I haven't had them for to long and need a bit more time to use them some more.

As I went to IMATS London this month I couldn't do a July favorites without including a few things that I picked up from there. The first thing I couldn't be more in love with is the contour brush from Besame Cosmetics. It is amazing, very different to your usual brush as it looks more like a hair brush, but trust me it is so much better. It is on the pricey side at £45, though, I picked up mine for £35. It is a very dense brush, with a triple thickness, but it is super super soft. I personally use it for foundation, as it applies smoothly and super quickly, it has cut my makeup time by 10 minutes as it takes me a minute to cover my whole face. The only thing about this brush is that it takes a long time to dry as it is just so thick. My second love form IMATS has been my brush holder, it is so easy to use and carry around and keeps all my brushes safe. Not only is it great for transporting my brushes, but it also can be used as brush pots. Finally, the last thing I have been loving from IMATS has been my Z palette. I have wanted one for a while as I have a few shadows and powders that I don't tend to use as they are loose. So, I picked up a medium palette, though I do want a few more now, but it is super handy and great for travel. The only thing that I find really tricky is the deppoting of products, but apart from that it is great.

I have also been loving two products from Urban Decay, the first being the Naked Skin Weightless Complete Coverage Concealer.I love this concealer, though I use it more as a highlighting concealer then a basic concealer, as I find it light for my skin tone and does really cover my under eye circles. A little goes a long way with this stuff, but really does the jobs well. The second product has been the Perversion mascara, it is just an amazing mascara. Giving the lashes a lot of length and a dark look, it really give a dramatic look to any eye. 

Finally my extras, firstly I have been loving my Bohemian Fantasy Shell Choker. It is amazing and crystal and super super pretty, it brings out my inner mermaid. I just think it is the most beautiful and unique necklace in my collection and it is perfect for summer.

The last favorite for this month has been Hannibal season 3. Like OMG, the last few episodes really picked up and have been a whirl wind of drama. I have to admit it nearly never made my favorites as the first bunch of episodes were just confusing and pretty boring, they did give you a bit more knowledge into what happened with every one, but they were pretty boring. But, from episode 5 it has really picked up and the latest episode I have seen (E7) just threw everything at you. I love the Hannibal series and hate the fact it has been taken off the air after this season, but as they said Hannibal will never be truly gone.

What have your favorites been??

Stay Gorgeous

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