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Indeed Powder Exfoliator || Review

I've seen a few Youtubers and Beauty Bloggers talking about some of the high end brand powder exfoliators and I have wanted to give them a try. But, not wanting to buy a small expensive bottle, I found a slightly cheaper alternative the Indeed Laboratories Powder Exfoliator for £18.99.

I love exfoliators, they just leave my skin softer and smoother and help minimize the impact of blemishes. The usual exfoliators I get are slightly wet, so in gel form or in pots, so a powder exfoliator seemed very strange but fun. The bottle looks very professional with its sleek white bottle and spoon like cap. The application is very very tricky, you need to pore a little in your hand, which I find always comes out more then I really need. You then add a little bit of water, which again ends up being more then what I need, and you lather it up and apply to your face. Once you have scrubbed your face with it, just wash off, which I find a little tricky as the exfoliating beads are so small that you wash your face and you still fell them on there. 

Over all this is such a good exfoliator as it leaves my skin looking refreshes, soft and smooth. Though, it is just so tricky to use and you do find that you are using more product then you need, so it won't last very long. Most powder exfoliators though, are free of some chemicals which is great for sensitive or allergic skin, but always read the labels. For me I prefer to stick with my Body Shop Microdermabrasion exfoliator.

What's your favorite exfoliator??

Stay Gorgeous

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