The Body Shop Drops of Youth Bounce Face Mask || Review

Friday, June 05, 2015

Since the start of the year I have been really getting into my skin care and am starting to notice the difference it has made to my skin. So, when there is a new product on the market that people are raving about I have to give it a go. The Body Shop Drops of Youth Bounce Face Mask was no exception. I picked it up only a week or two after the launch date as so many people were raving about it. 

Buying it for £22, it did seem a little pricey but the packaging alone made it look much more high-end then some of their other products. With its green glass jar and professional looking wording, you would never think it was from The Body Shop. Applying it to a clean face, I was very surprised as the consistency was similar to jelly, it stayed in a shade and was bouncy. The application to the face was straight forward enough, however, I did apply too much the first time. You simply blend upwards into the face, to stimulate the skin to stay taught and firm. After several applications I have really seem a difference in my skin. It is really youthful and more plumper (yes I am only 22, but sometimes you need a little pick me up).

The product is definitely worth the price at the results it leaves. If you are after a youthful night cream and don't know what one to go for, try this guy out. You don't need to pay for the mask out right give it a try first by asking in store for a sample, they will only be to happy to help. Give it a go and see the difference it makes to your skin.

Have you tried this mask yet?? What do you think??

Stay Gorgeous

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