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Nars Christopher Kane Collection || Review

Over the past 6 months I have started to explore a lot more high end brands, and one that I have been loving is Nars. Looking over the net I came across the newest collection to Nars, the Christopher Kane Collection. Christopher Kane is a designer and his main concept is having things that look bright and different but look subtle and classic. You have probably seen his work in magazines as his dress which FKA Twigs wore to the Met Gala (the one with a penis on it). The Nars Collection is just as bold and unusual as that dress, just minus the genitalia, hehe. The packaging for the collection is the classic packaging, just the Nars is written in a beautiful pink/purple metallic font, just stunning.

This was one of the main things I had to have from this collection, it is super versatile and amazing to look at. I have never owned a single shadow from Nars, but the pot looks so cute, being so tiny and beautiful. Opening the lid, you are face with a mini mirror, great for on the go, and the most beautiful color ever. When you first see it, the color is gold with a shimmer running through it, but turn it in the light and you are met with a beautiful change to more pink/purple shimmer. This shadow is so unique and amazing, I have never seen anything like it before, you can have two looks in one just by moving in the light. I love applying the shadow on the center of the eye to give a larger eye effect and a more glamorous feel, especially to matte eyes. There is hardly any fallout with the shadow, but I do like to spray Mac Fix + to a brush when I apply it just to intensify the shadow even more.

If you buy anything from this collection, make it this shadow as you will not regret it. It is one of the most popular product from this collection, so if you find it buy it fast, as it won't stay forever.

This duo is so pretty, they are both shimmer shades and look amazing on their own or mixed together. One shade is a light golden beige shimmer and the other a light violet shimmer shade. The shimmer in the violet shade is pink/purple and hints of blue, which the blue follows into the beige shade with addition of silver/gold shimmer. They look very vibrant in the pan, but applied they do seem very subtle and shimmery, just applying the product as is does mean that it has slight fall out and can rub off. to minimize the fall out apply some Fix+ to a brush and dab it on to the lips. when mixing the two shades together you get a beautiful golden lilac shade, just perfect for adding a touch of color to the look. 

I think this shadow would be perfect for Spring, as if gives off that subtle fresh look, great for weddings. You can even add a touch of Outer Limits to add a bit more complexity to the shade and more glamour.

This is so strange, it's a highlighting stick, which can be used anywhere as anything from highlight to lid primer to lip color. What is strange about this one in particular is that it is a violet/purple shade with blue shimmer running through it. The stick is so bright that I was half expecting it to come off a harsh purple shade, but it wasn't. Just like Christopher Kane's concept it look very mush in your face, but came off as this subtle shade with a hint of shimmer, very complementary. Application is a little tricky though, as you can apply it with a brush, but the product does start to dry out so you need to work with it quickly. I wouldn't suggest using your finger as I found no color transfer to the face it just all stayed on my finger. 

This product is such a unique concept and such a beautiful color, if I don't use it I know that I can just look at it a feel completely happy. I think this is just a perfect stick to use in spring and in summer for that mermaid shimmer. I have found it does last a long time when applied to the skin and I have watered it and it doesn't completely budged so great for beach and pool days, bringing out your inner mermaid.

I love this collection and wish that they did a few more shades that were this unique. They also do a selection of lip glosses and two blushes, also another illuminating multiple which I would have picked up too but they weren't selling it straight away when I picked up these bits.

Stay Gorgeous

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