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Maybelline Lasting Drama Black Shock || Review

After the huge hit that was Benefit They're Real Push Up Liner, I have been seeing so many other brands try to copy. I love the Push Up Liner and find it the most unique thing to happen since They're Real Mascara. Though, I try not to use it all the time as I don't want to run out as it is pricey (not as pricey as some but still high-end). So when I saw that Maybelline were doing their own I jumped at the chance. Maybelline's answer to the Push Up Liner... Lasting Drama Black Shock 36hr Gel Liner.

At only £8.99 I had to give it a go, the packaging is similar to the Push Up Liner being black, though the Maybelline is a tube compared to the Push Up Liner. The nib again is similar to the Push up liner with its rubber angle, though, it is slightly longer than the Push Up Liner. To get the product up it relies on the 1 click turn of the base, just like the Push Up Liner. So far so good with regards to dupe.

But, when it came to the application it failed miserably. The gel liner with in was much more softer then the Push Up Liner, meaning it could smudge before it had dried. The longer nib, made the application even harder as it wasn't hard enough to minimize bending, so it just bent and buckled while applying to the lid. So far every time I have applied this liner it has left me with so many mistakes, and once it dries it is even harder to sort out the mistakes. This is a massive no no for me as eyeliner is hard to do at the best of times let along having something further the mistakes.

Though, I do have to give them credit the liner does last all day and is black, however, I find it dries too matte making the liner look dry and a little crusty. 

After using this liner I'm less likely to be trying any other dupe to the Benefit Push Up Liner until I have seen it work. Though, I don't think that will happen for a while as the nip is trade marked to Benefit, which makes them the rulers of the gel liner world. 

What do you think of the Benefit They're Real Push Up Liner?? Have you found any dupes that work??

Stay Gorgeous

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