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Mac Toledo Collection || Review

This is a little late coming I know, but I have so many posts coming up I completely forgot about the Limited Edition Collections. The Mac Toledo Collection, has been and I believe gone, but you can still pick up a few products that are in stock. I'm not a huge collector of collections, but I do like to have one or two things from a collection if it appeals to me, usually a lipstick. In the case of the Toledo Collection, I picked up a Lipstick and a very unusual Blush.

The collection as a whole was so pretty, with the color choices being just beautiful. The packaging was a definite highlight, being slightly rubbery matte white with these beautiful drawn faces on them, just oosed class. Not only were the boxes in this design but so was the product packaging. With such beautiful designs and shades it was no wonder that I had to have something from the collection.

This was my main want from this collection as it was just so different from anything I have owned or seen. There were three shades to choose from, each with a gradient dip dye effect to them. The one I chose was Azalea Blossom, it was the most unique thing I have ever laid my eyes on. Unlike most Mac blushes, this one was in square packaging, unlike the circular packaging with a clear lid. The color is just amazing, with one end pink and the other purple, blending into each other in a gradient in the center, just wonderful. The colors blended together make a perfect dusty mauve color, great for Spring or a fresh faced look, the colors on their own also give off a subtle look. This blush is so versatile and can be worn by all skin types, keep it light for pale skin and apply it more heavy for darker skin.

I thought that this product would never work for me but it did, so I would recommend this to everyone. Don't be afraid of the purple color, it complements everyone and you may never find anything like it again. So, if you see it grab it, while stocks last.

I can't buy any Mac collection without buying a lipstick, its just one of those products Mac is iconic for. The shades in the Toledo Collection were almost similar, with having a lot of red to orange tones, with the addition of an almost nude shade and a dark brown redish shade. The color I chose was Victoriana, a blue toned red, similar to Russian Red, but slightly more vibrant cherry red. It is a matte, which I think is the best for a red shade as it doesn't look to over powering and it helps the color last a lot longer. Some matte shades are very drying on the lips, but this shade is not at all drying, leaving the lips feeling hydrated without compromising on the matte finish. Like all Mac lipsticks, it comes with the signature vanilla scent, which I love.

I have only started to get into my red shades, and this to me is one of the best shades that Mac have produced. If you can't get your hands on this lipstick I would highly recommend Russian Red as they are very similar is formula and in color.

Out of all of the collections I have picked up from Mac this by far is one of my favorite, and I hope that they do more collections like this one.

Stay Gorgeous

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