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Kiko Next Generation Collection || Review

Around the same time that Lancome bought out their Miracle Cushion Foundation, Kiko bought out their Extreme Collection. This collection from Kiko is one of my favorites, as it bought out a cheaper version of the Lancome foundation in the form of a cushion CC cream. I only picked up 4 things from this collection but I love all of them.

This is the main thing I wanted form this collection, as I have seen similar products in America, and at this point the Lancome foundation was still yet to be released. So I had to have it, but the shade choices in my opinion were very lacking. Every shade number had two different shades, which were all for tanned skin, ranging from light tanned to dark tanned, with no lighter shades or darker shades. this was really disappointing so I had to pick up the lightest shade they did and hope for the best.

Like all CC creams, this cream had light coverage, and did come out a little on the orange side. Though, when blended in to the skin, it matched fairly ok. This was great though, the coverage for me was a little lacking. However, in my opinion this product is perfect for summer, and a must on those hot holiday, especially for me. This is because it is super light weight on the skin and provides UVB sun protection at SPF 25. The packaging is super cute, though you need to remember to close the inner lid firmly other wise the product will dry out and quickly. If you are after the Lancome Foundation but don't want to pay the price this is a good alternative.

These shadow are one of the most amazing things I have in my collection. They are moist shadow that give off high pigmentation without any fallout or hassle wetting a brush. There are 7 shades available and I have shade 3 Revolutionary Brown and 4 Modern Burgundy. The shadows are almost creamy and so easy to blend, once on the eye and dry they can last all day with no smudging.

The packaging is similar to the CC Cream, and like the CC Cream you need to firmly close and check that the inner lid is shut to ensure the product doesn't dry out. These shadows are a little hard to be used with brushes as the brushes seem to absorb the moisture and dry out the shadow before it is applied to the eye. Though a special sponge brush comes with the shadow which makes the application a lot easier. I would recommend these shadows to anyone as they are just so unique and beautiful.

This eyeliner is so beautiful I couldn't not pick it up. All these liners are metallic and long lasting, great for the coming summer months and I personally think that it is quite waterproof. There are only 6 shades and the one that I own and think is the best out of the 6 is shade 2 Technological Brown, which is more of a bronzy brown shade. 

The packaging is a little tacky with its plastic white tube but the colored end looks really good. On the plus side it also comes with a tip sharpener, which when you twist the product up you can sharpen the end into a point for more precision. If you are after a long lasting, wonderful liner that will last you through the summer months then this is the one for you. 

I love this collection and would recommend everyone to check it out. There are loads of products in this collection, so there will be something for everyone.

Have you tried this collection yet??

Stay Gorgeous

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