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June Favorites

It's that time again the end of the month, so lets talk about the stuff we have been loving over the past 30 days. I know I say the same line every month, but that's because that's what we are doing. This has been an interesting month for me and the next few weeks to come I am really excited for. But, this month I have had exams BOO!, Got to see Jurassic World twice, celebrated my 23rd Birthday, celebrated Fathers Day, celebrated my Dad's Birthday and finished my first year of uni. It was also my Blogs 2nd Birthday (post to come) and it has been 2 years since my wonderful fiancee proposed. So a big month to say the least, yet my favorites are a big as you would expect.

This month I have been starting to use a few old products that I completely forgot about. One of which is the Maybelline BB cream for oily skin. I loved this stuff when it first came out, and haven't purchased a new one for ages. But now the summer months are here and holiday prep seems just weeks away (even though I go away at the end of September), I just had to repurchase it, I love using light BB creams during the hot sweaty months. This stuff is light to medium coverage, so if you have some pesky blemishes they can be corrected. But, for some of those blemishes that just wont stay hidden I have been loving the Revlon Photo Ready Concealer, an oldie but a goodie. I completely forgot about this bad boy, but when I picked it up one weekend from home and started to use it I just couldn't believe I had forgotten how good it was. Blemishes covered, redness gone and under eyes brighter, it is just a product I don't think I can live without for a while. As powders go, there isn't many drugstore ones I haven't tried, but a surprising powder I have recently been loving is a powder from New Look. I had no idea New Look did full on makeup, I knew they did some shadows, lip glosses and nail polish, but never thought they did foundation, powder and concealer. This powder is just so light on the skin but can be built up to add a bit more coverage to the face. the only thing is it does need topping up as I found it seemed to dust off.

More emphasis has been put on my eyes and one of the shadows I have been obsessed with when doing any eye look. The Nars Christopher Kane Collection single shadow in Outer Limits, it's amazing, such a strange and beautiful shade. At first glance it is a golden shimmer shade, but when you look closer it has this beautiful pink/purple shimmer running through. I love applying it on the center of my lids to make my eyes look slightly bigger and glamorous, it just looks great over a bronze paint pot over the entire eye. To finish the eye look I have been loving the Tarte Gifted mascara, which I picked up from Beauty Con in May. I usually go for mascara that gives me lovely long lashes, but I have been loving the volume that this mascara gives my lashes. This mascara is amazing and lasts all day, in fact it is a little hard to remove, just like the They're Real Mascara. It's going to be a great mascara for the summer months.

Now, if you know me you will know that I am obsessed with Jurassic Park, and this month was the release of Jurassic World, the fourth film in the franchise. I pre-booked my tickets to see it a few months back and couldn't wait for the day to come. Getting there an hour before the film started (yep I am sad), I picked up my tickets and waited for the screen to be ready. Going in I picked up my souvenir ticket and IMAX 3D glasses and sat back and relaxed. I won't spoil it if you with telling you what happens, but I will say Chris Pratt was as hunky as ever and I felt like clapping at the end, but didn't as no-one else did (but my fiancee even said that he would have clapped to), If you haven't seen it yet, go as it is so good.

In the music world I have been loving a surprising song, Don't Wait by Joey Graceffa. A youtuber which released a song, yep I know a lot of youtubers now days release songs and merch, but I really do love this song. The music video is amazing and I love listening to it in the sunshine on the train looking out into the world, I think I will be listening to it as I'm flying in the sky on my way to Turkey in a few months. 

What have been your monthly favorites??

Stay Gorgeous

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