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Bourjois Makeup || Review

There are just some beautiful products from Bourjois and I have talked about them in the past. But recently I have picked up the courage to try a few new bits, and I am relatively thrilled about them.

Now, Bourjois foundations can be hit and miss, especially is you are pale as they come or are dark skinned, as they just don't have many shade ranges. I have heard so much hype about the Healthy Mix foundation that I wanted to try it, however, the consistency was just too watery for me so I thought I would pick up the Serum instead. This has definitely become my favorites Bourjois foundation, The packaging is super cute, with red lid and pictures of fruit and flowers it just looks too cute. It does boast 16 hour wear and radiant skin, so it was time to put it to the test.

For me with oily skin I found it lasted all the working day, great when you don't want to touch up the foundation, though I did need to powder my T zone. The consistency is a lot thicker then the foundation, but I actually prefer it a lot more. It blends well into the skin and definitely leaves a beautiful glow, as well as being medium coverage so some of those pesky blemishes are covered. I love this foundation and would recommend it to everyone, though if you are after a more higher coverage the 1, 2, 3 Perfect Foundation by Bourjois is the one for you.

Now, I love the original Chocolate Bronzing Powder by Bourjois (the lightest shade, as there are two shades), but recently I have been using other Bronzers. But, then Bourjois cunningly came out with two new bronzers, and I happened to pick up the Chocolate Bronzer and Highlighter Duo. I love highlighting and seeing a high street priced highlighter I just jump at the chance. Now, I must say that these chocolate brozers are not made of chocolate or smell of chocolate, it is just the shape of a chocolate bar that it resembles, but it does have a perfume scent which I actually like. 

The bronzer part of the duo is really nice, though on the red ash side, which is similar to the original bronzer. It is easy to blend and it is buildable so start with a little, there is some light golden shimmer to it, however you don't really see this once it has been applied. The highlighter on the other hand, didn't live up to my expectations. Don't get me wrong it is a nice highlighter, but there isn't enough shimmer for me and it isn't very intense. Being two shades so close to each other I found it hard to use with a brush, I either had to cover the highlighter or use a small brush.

I personally think that if you want a bronzer from Bourjois go for the original or the new shimmer chocolate bronzer.

I have seen people raving about this product so had to give them a go, I really wanted a Berry or Plum shade but they didn't have any but I did pick up two shades;

  • 4 Peach Club - a coral orange shade
  • 7 Nude-ist - a nude reddish mauve shade

They are super easy to apply, just like a normal gloss with a fluffy wand. They do dry matte, but don't feel dry on the lips at all, depending on the thickness of gloss you apply depends on how long it takes to dry. These glosses are very convenient to throw in your handbag or pocket, however, the shade range isn't very big and some of the colors do start to look similar. The down side to these glosses is the smell they have, it's like a fruity chemical funky smell, which I find not very pleasant. All in all these are good glosses to have, but I wouldn't go overboard and buy to many and they aren't that impressive.

What's your favorite Bourjois product??

Stay Gorgeous

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