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Bare Minerals Makeup || Review

Over the last few months I have picked up a few bits from Bare Minerals and just had to share my views with you. Some of the bits I have fallen in love with and there are a few annoyances with other bits, but I'll get on and tell you about it.

These eye shadows are wonderful, they apply really well and blend really well. The quad I have I think was limited edition, but they do have similar quads out there currently. The shades within the A List quad are;

  • Ice Breaker - a shimmer white shade, great for the inner corner of the eye as it isn't a brilliant white so it is more subtle.
  • Fashionably Late - a pink satin shin shade, applied lightly for a subtle look or stronger for a pop of pink color.
  • Swanky - a matte purple with gorgeous gold, purple and pink fine glitter running through it. This is my favorite shade.
  • Black Tie Optional - a matte black shade, great for creating depth or a subtle liner.

The packaging is another thing that makes these quads well worth the price. The box is flip up, with all the information inside the top. The product packaging is very sleek, with its matte rubbery black case with the shades on the back, opening to a large mirror and a plastic cover saying Hello. It is just an amazing product and makes you fall in love with eye makeup again and again. If you don't want to pay these prices for the quad a good dupe is the Primark quads for £2.

This product is a little tricky to use I must say, and like Marmite you either love it or hate it. This product is said to correct skin tone and make the skin look brighter and younger. Though, personally I have only ever noticed the color correction, however this wasn't that impressive. The product packaging is just in a sleek skin colored tube with a squeeze out nib to pour the product out. This foundation dose have SPF 20, which like most SPF foundations do tend to sway on the watery side. 

I would compare this product style to the Chanel Vitalumiere Aqua, though I prefer the Chanel one. The coverage is sheer but is buildable to a semi-medium, however, I wouldn't recommend building the foundation up as it can make you feel greasy. The do recommend this product with a special brush, the Perfecting Face Brush, however, I wouldn't recommend this method to apply it, so save money and don't buy the brush. I found when using the brush, more product sank into it then apply to the face, also you couldn't tell how much was going onto the face till it was too late and it felt greasy. 

The best way to use this product in my opinion is with your fingers, it glides on perfectly and easily blended. However, if you do like higher coverage and you feel a little self conscious about blemishes or you have oily skin then this isn't the foundation for you. Though, I think it would help those with dry skin, for hydration.

This by far is my most loved Bare Minerals product, it is just amazing. It is similar to a BB or CC cream in the way it works and feels on the skin. I find it hard to find good BB or CC creams that work well with my skin and I was amazed to find that this stuff is perfect. At first I didn't have high expectations as the last foundation didn't give me hope. But, now it has become one of my go to products for quick natural looking skin. 

The packaging is very sleek and golden bronze in color, which you squeeze you get the product out. The foundation also has SPF of 30, much higher then the last, and what is better still is that the product is not watery at all. It has an almost thick consistency similar to the Maybelline BB Cream for oily skin, so it does dry relatively well. The coverage is great, between a medium and a high coverage depending on how much you build it. I prefer applying it with my fingers as I have a lot more control of the application, though I have added it to other liquid foundations to thin them out a bit and it still applies beautifully. I have found it has helped cover up blemishes as well as even out my skin tone, great for those red faced days. If you buy any product from this list make it this one as you won't be disappointed.

Have you tried any of the Bare Minerals products?? What's your favorite??

Stay Gorgeous

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