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The Body Shop Dermabrasion Set || Review

If you read my Philosophy Peel, Cleanse and Treat Review, then you know I have been trying new things to get my skin in tip top shape. So when I see something that claims to be a similar dermabrasion peel (obviously not a real one as they are only done by specialists in a hospital). I love exfoliators, as they smooth my skin and bring back a bit of glow to my skin which seemed to be getting dull. Well seen as I had a Body Shop card (10% off), I thought I would pick up the Vitamin C Dermadrasion Exfoliator and Vitamin C Serum

After the success of the Philosophy kit, I was unsure how this stuff would really work. To start with they are slightly pricey, at £15 for the serum and £14 for the dermabrasion. But, I have been using them for 3 or 4 months now and they are still going strong, especially seen as I am using them about 2 - 3 times a week. When first using this stuff though, I would advise once a week just so that your skin can get used to the exfolient. All you need to use is a pea size amount for the face and neck, rub it between your fingers, then apply to your face but avoid the eye area. At first use it smells really funny and odd, which could be the vitamin C scent. The exfoliating beads are very fine, which is why it are really good at removing the dead skin cells.

The serum is a little unusual compared to others I have tried, and I am not a fan of them to be honest. Though, this serum is much thicker then I am used to, and has the same feeling as primer. It has the same unusual scent as the exfoliator, but it is just a little too thick with a velvet texture. But, with that said it did leave my skin bright and youthful.

I would actually recommend the exfoliator to all that was a good deep exfoliation with the best results. Though as for the serum, I wouldn't unless you like thicker formulas that last on the skin all day.

Stay Gorgeous

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