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Revlon Ultra HD Lipstick || Review

Recently I saw a friend's Instagram page and spotted the most amazing and most anticipated lipstick from the drugstore in a long time...the Revlon Ultra HD Lipstick. I picked up 4 on my first outing and subsequently ended up buying the entire collection within a week or 2..oops. But, after trying the first ones out it was no wonder I jumped at the chance to pick up all 14 shades. 

The shades are named after flowers which is great as the quality and shades are perfect for the up and coming summer months (if the UK actually sees a summer) and obviously match the flowers. These lipsticks are incredibly moisturizing, I found, and they last at least 3-4 hours with some shades leaving a slight stain lasting a little longer. There is a scent to these lipsticks, which is almost a sweet floral, but not at all suffocating, I find it very flattering and feminine. The constancy of these lipsticks are like nothing I have used before, they are gel/moose like which is actually really pleasant on the lips, this is due to the wax free formula. They are so easy to apply and almost glide onto the lips, leaving you with this high quality smile you see in the movies. As the world of television develops further, so does the makeup industry. HD is everywhere, and at first only available in highend stores, now its's available for those on a budget. But, I have never seen a HD lipstick, which is why I think Revlon has revolutionized the way we see makeup and our lips. 

These lipsticks are £7.99 (currently 3 for 2 in most stores), and there is a perfect shade for anyone. If you are looking for that perfect unique lipstick for summer, grab one of these while you can. My personal favorites are Peony, Petunia, Hibiscus, Hydrangea, Poppy, Iris and Rose.

Move over dull and tired looking lips, summer is coming so lets look the part!

Have you tried these lipsticks yet?? What are your favorite shades??
Stay Gorgeous

(PS sorry about the photo overload)

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