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Benefit Makeup || Review

I haven't written a Benefit makeup review since the They're Real Push Up Liner came out, and I have picked up a fair amount of Benefit bits. So, instead of doing a seperate review post for all I thought I would combine them into one post, except for the Roller Lash, that's a separate rave all together.

Hoola Bronzer (£23.50)
I love the Benefit box blushes, and have always wanted a full size version of the Hoola bronzer. Finally, after visiting the Curl's Best Friend pop-up boutique, I took the plunge and bought it. It is such a nice bronzer, as it is not too muddy and not to red toned. I did however, find with my pale complexion a little goes a long way. But with all bronzers you need to start with a little and build up, you can always add more but its not so easy taking a little off.

It is one of Benefit's cult classic, and one of my new favorites as well. If you haven't  tried this bronzer then you need to right now...go it will change your mind about bronzers.

Rockateur Blush (£23.50) 
Like I said I love the blush boxes, and since the release of this blush have been meaning to pick it up. Finally, I did and it is all I seem to use at the moment. It is such a beautiful shade, rose gold almost. The shimmer almost acts as a highlight to the cheeks and gives them that fresh warm glow, to bring a look together. I like to wear mine in two ways, light and sheer so only a little color comes through. And darker and deeper (not ott, but a little more color then sheer), to give me that more edgy look. It is such a versatile shade.

If you buy any blush box, make it this one as the balance of gold and rose is so good, I have yet to find an exact dupe to it.

Owning the Hello Flawless Primer, I wanted to try more the powder, but was unsure if I would get on with or not. As I am a pale person it can be hard to find a good powder that gives some coverage without making me look orange. So, I asked for the lightest shade, Ivory and hoped for the best.

Well what can I say it was amazing...I stayed matte for almost 12 hours, a lot longer then most of my powders. There was no powdery finish or cakeiness, it was almost like using my mineral clear complexion powder from Rimmel. The color was perfect and I found it didn't change color through out the entire time I wore it. I just can't believe it took me this long to discover and love this powder.

If you have been following me for a while you have probably heard, like a thousand times, I have a problem with oily skin and large pores. I have tried so many primers and foundations to minimize pores and reduce or stop oily skin. I love the Porefessional primer, so jumped at the chance to have the powder as well.

It is a necessity when I go out now. It is always in my handbag, ready for when the oil hits. It looks almost colored but goes on fairly translucent, and because it has its very own brush its so easy to carry around with me. I found it helps mattify me as well as giving me a more flawless complexion after the oil has hit, so great to cover up those nagging pores. It is also a great accompaniment to the primer, so if you love the primer you'll love this powder.

The Big Easy (£28.50)
I'm always looking for a BB or CC cream that really works (there are Asian ones that work, they are just a little hard to get). So, a product that raves "bigger than BB" had to be tried. It is so strange to use, as it's liquid to powder, so not too much powdering is needed. But, it also boasts skin tone adapting, and when I see those words I know I need the lightest shade. I don't know why but those types of foundations never match my skin tone, they always go darker, so I picked up the shade fair.

When I first used this product I found that it moved when I applied concealer over the top, not good if you have blemishes to hide. However, the product did last all day, leaving me with an even tone and staying relatively matte. After my second application, I applied my concealer before the Big Easy and the coverage was so much better. It is a little tricky to use at first, but once you get the hang of it, it's amazing. I have even combined it with other foundations to lighten the products up.

Puff Off (£22.50)
I have used all the skin care products Benefit have produced and when I saw they were releasing a product that reduces puff eyes, I couldn't wait. The packaging is so cute, with a little iron applicator to go with the name.

The iron applicator actually is important in helping the depuff process, as it is usually super cold and helps sooth the area. It is so easy to use, squeezing the product out and spreading it with the iron. The results, to me, do show signs of depuff, but not completely puffless. But, it makes my eyes feel much more awake and lively, great for those Monday morning blues. If you want that little pick me up for the week, I would recommend this little beauty.

What are your favorite Benefit Products??

Stay Gorgeous 

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