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Beauty Con London 2015

I had so many comments about Beauty Con I thought I would write a post about it. But, before I get started I wanted to say that I didn't pay for a ticket, I actually won one through an Instagram competition. I had no time to prepare or let you all fully know as I was waiting for confirmation nearly all day. I couldn't believe I won a ticket and was so excited I couldn't control myself. But, I feel a little bummed not being prepared as I could have done a Vlog, but oh well.

What is BeautyCon??
BeautyCon is a place to meet some of your Youtube faves, say hello to some of the brands there, meet a few extra Bloggers and Youtubers who visit as well as listening to some of the Youtubers talking about certain subjects. You can buy makeup/beauty there but there isn't that much (compared to LA) and some booths require a selfie for a free item.

Is the Makeup/Beauty Discounted??
Yes, sort of. I believe they all had 10% off (I know Benefit and Crown Brushes did). But there were booths I didn't venture into as they did appeal to me and the que was super long. NYX were not selling any products, it was more you have to que, take a selfie and get a free item. Though, out of all the stalls my favorite was the Tart and BeautyCon stalls. As the guys at Tart were so nice and helpful, and the BeautyCon stall was where you could pick up a bag with loads of goodies in it.

How Many Brands Were There??
There were only 12 stalls/brands there, which I did find a little lacking. The brands were;

  • Maker (They weren't selling, just taking photos)
  • Tarte
  • Liz Earle/Red Hare
  • STYLondon
  • Go Priv
  • NYX
  • Original Additions
  • Red Carpet Manicure
  • Benefit
  • OGX
  • Crown Brush
  • Capital Radio (They weren't selling, just taking photos)
Being so few stalls meant very long ques. I didn't make it to the Liz Earle booth the que was that long.

What Youtubers went?
There were approximately 50 named Youtubers, they were:
  • HelloOctoberXO
  • Aidan Alexander
  • Amy Phan
  • Fleur De Force
  • Lana
  • Caroline Hirons
  • Niomi Smart
  • Joseph Harwood
  • Kate Murnane
  • Karissa Pukas
  • Blogilates
  • Tori Sterling
  • Claire Marshall
  • MamaMiaMakeup
  • Amelia Liana
  • Tess Christine
  • Beauty By JJ
  • Teni Panosian
  • Teale Dunn
  • Essie Button
  • Lily Pebbles
  • ViviannaDoesMakeup
  • SoTotallyVlog
  • Kaushal Beauty
  • Beauty Crush
  • Sprinkle of Glitter
  • CharismaStar
  • Amanda Steele
  • Tanner Zagarino
  • KissandMakeup01
  • Sam Chapman
  • SierraMarieMakeup
  • SarochaB
  • Tyler Oakley
  • idressmyself
  • Tasha Greene
  • Leanne Lim Walker
  • MsRosieBea
  • Prince of Vanity
  • Anchal MUA
  • Fashionista804
  • The Persian Babe
  • Helen Anderson
  • Shonagh Scott
  • Alisha Marie
  • Claudia Suleuski
  • Emma Pickles
  • Lucy and Lidia

  • Becca Rose
    (If there were more sorry they are not mentioned, there were just so many people coming and going that were not on the list, it was hard to keep up)
I think most of them did a meet and greet. Which unless you were fussed about a selfie with your favorite youtuber, you could take photos of them on stage (that's what I did). The ques were too long for the meet and greets and rather then spend all day in ques for a 1 minute slot, it was easier to take my own photos.

My Experience
After the day of complete bliss, finding out I won a ticket to BeautyCon, I got ready and headed for Kensington Olympia. Getting there I headed round to corner and got into the General Admissions que. As I only had one ticket, it was me on my larry, not the best start. Getting in the que at about 9:30, we stood around till 10 when they opened the doors. Having my bag checked I was sent to a different que to get my code verified and entry into BeautyCon.

Entering the room you were met with a massive space, where balloons read BeautyCon and everyone was taking selfies. Going further in, you could see all the brands, stages and meet up booths, but you could also see all the free space where there was just nothing. Going round all the stalls first, I decided to start off with Crown Brushes. I picked up 3 brushes for like £10 and headed off to Tart. From Tart I picked myself up the Tartlette palette and the Lights, Camera, Lashes mascara . I then decided to have a look around as to where to go to next. The ques were starting to grow quickly so I headed to NYX to ask them if they were selling the Butter Lipsticks...Nope they were selling nothing, it was all about having a selfie for a freebie. So I moved off and headed for Benefit. Looking at the products Benefit were selling, there was nothing I wanted (as I had all of it and doubles of them). I kept moving along till I got to the BeautyCon shop, planning to get a tee, I though I would ask about the bags as they were £25 and the tee was only £15. I asked was that price for just the bag, she said yeah but its worth it and showed my what was inside. So seeing all these luxurious goodies I bought it.

The first panel was about to start to I headed over. The first panel was so interesting and I got to see Fleur De Force. Finished, I headed to the snack bar to get a drink (£3.50, not cheap). Standing at a table sipping on my elder-flower lemonade, I got a chance to take a few photos and think about the day so far. Compared to IMATS, it is kinda poo. But, I thought it should get better and it might have felt better with someone to go with.

But, I headed off to the NYX booth again. Finally, queing up for an hour, I got into a photo booth, on my own. Yep the photos just show me on my larry trying to have a good time. In, and I took a photo in front of the board and hastaged it as required. Free Butter lipstick for about hour and half wait (not really worth it to be honest). The second panel started while I was in the NYX booth so I rushed over to take some photos and have a listen. It was really good, listening to how they deal with brands and haters. I got to see my faves, Joseph Harwood and Karissa Pukas.

Talk done and knowing I had to be home before it shut, I took the decision to leave. So, at 1 in the afternoon I headed off. Finally home having a good look in my goodie bag, I was not disappointed. With Tart mascaras, Benefit goodies and much more the bag was well worth the money.

What did you think of BeautyCon??
Well I personally think it is more of a glorified meet and greet. I did go in with very high expectations and it didn't compare, looking at the LA BeautyCon, London's didn't match it. I have been to IMATS which is hosted in Kensington Olympia, so I couldn't stop myself from comparing the two. They are very different, in what's available and ticket price but if you are after more beauty rather then Youtubers then IMATS is so much better...and guess what, a lot of Youtubers go to IMATS and you don't need to que to get a selfie with them. But, I wouldn't just go up and take a selfie, you have to ask first.

All in all it was a good place to go, but for someone who loves there beauty and was completely on their own, it was a little disappointing.

Have you been to BeautyCon London?? What did you think??

Stay Gorgeous 

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