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Urban Outfitter Nail Polish || Review

Since starting University I have been hear some really amazing stores (well amazing to me any way), which back home took me ages to get to so I didn't visit much. But now they are right by me I can just walk straight to them, and I have developed a real crush on the Urban Outfitters Nail Polishes. It's not just the fact these polishes look amazing and are in so many shades, they are also on offer at 2 for £10 (£6 each), unless you get a Holographic polish which is £12 but well worth it.

I own the silver Holographic polish and 4 normal polishes (and I don't think these will be the last). The shades I have are; Wizard (a dark blue with lighter blue shimmer), Matte Northern Lights (a light purple with gold and purple glitter), Optic (a white gloss) and Action (a shimmer light gold). These polishes are just amazing, besides the price and offer, they are really opaque and last over a week on the nails. Being a mixture of Gloss and Matte finishes, there is a choice for any lover of polish, and if you are a top coat glitter lover there are even shades for you.

To start with the actual bottles are so big (15ml) and the colors look amazing in the bottle. If you have seen the Northern Lights polish then you should know what I mean about amazing (it looks like a Nebular/Galaxy). But, just because it looks good in the bottle doesn't mean that it comes out that way on the nails. So, the nail test needs to be done, and OMG it looks amazing. I am not a major fan of the matte glitter though, so I have to put a clear top coat on, but apart from that all the polishes look exactly what they look like in the bottle, amazing. As for the Holographic polish, nothing competes. I have seen holographic glitter polishes but nothing like this, it is so unique and wonderful. When the light isn't shining on it, it looks silver but in the light it comes alive and looks crazy. The only problem is that to apply the polish you obviously need to use light, this makes it look holographic, which just did my eyes in and made it difficult to see if you got all the spaces on the nails. But, as this does look holographic, no one will notice the gaps just the amazing polish.

Over all the polishes are amazing (how many times have I said that), the only problem is that it does take a little time to dry. But, I found that applying a drying polish over the top helped the process. I would recommend these polishes to anyone, especially if you love polish as much as I do. Even if you only buy one or two, you will fall in love with them.

Stay Gorgeous

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