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Philosophy Cleanse, Peel, Treat || Review

At the start of the new year, I decided to try to keep to a skin care routine. But to start this I wanted my skin to be almost new. So, I picked up the Philosophy Cleanse, Peel and Treat set, which contained the Microdelivery skin peel. I wanted to try an at home micro peel treatment, obviously I wouldn't have the s\me dramatic effects as going to a plastic surgeon, but it would be pretty close. Not knowing what to expect and having spent £25 on the kit I did have high hopes.

Within the kit was a mini bottle of Purity face wash, Time in a Bottle, Hope in a Jar and Hope in a Jar Nigh, as well as a one time sachet of the two solutions for the Microdelivery skin peel. Being mini bottles I didn't think they would last longer then about a week, using them twice a day. But my first use was by far more then what I was expecting. Everything was so easy to use and the instructions helped a lot especially in what order the products go on your face. The peel made my face feel super soft and young, my pores and black heads were reduced dramatically and for the first time I felt happy about my face. The products were just a dream on the skin and so easy to use, the only product I didn't like was the Time in a Bottle, as I felt I needed more product per pump then it was giving me. 

After a week the Time in a Bottle had run out but the Purity and Hope in a Jar/s were still going strong. My skin was also looking better then ever, with my breakouts in control and occurring less and less. I did feel that there was some rough skin on my nose where some pesky black heads were returning, but a little bit of exfoliater sorted that problem out. After a month, my products were still going strong and my skin had hardly and blemishes, strange for someone who has had acne for most of their life. With a little exfoliation once or twice a week my skin was super smooth, flawless and radiant, better then I ever expected to look.

Now, 3 months on and with still some Purity and Hope in a Jar/s product left, I can honestly recommend this product to the world. I couldn't believe the difference it has made to my skin and my life, I have more confidence then I would have ever thought I would have. This stuff is so incredibly life changing for me, that I can go out with my head held high and not worry about any nasty blemishes I may have. This kit is on the pricey side, but seen as most of the products have lasted me well over 3 months, I think it is well worth the price. If you only try one thing from this kit, I would recommend the Purity face wash, as it deep cleans and leaves your face looking and feeling soft and clean.

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