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Maybelline Brow Stain || Review

I am all about the brows and finding the right stuff to fill them and tame them down. It has taken me ages to perfect the way I do my brows and I am still learning and still improving. So, when a new brow product comes out I just have to give it a go. I have been waiting to pick the Maybelline Brow Stain up for ages, as they never had any in stock or what they had was used by people and put back (Not hygienic). 

What appealed to me about this product was the wax and sponge on the end of the pencil. I love having my brows fully filled in and I usually use a powder or wax to do this. So, I couldn't wait to try the sponge end, but I was a little nervous to see if the sponge would last. But, for my first time using it, it wasn't the sponge I had to worry about, but the pencil. To outline my brows I was using the pencil, there is nothing amazing or fantastic about the pencil compared to others in its price range. But outlining done, I decided to fill in my bald patches just a little, and the pencil snapped off (the inside bit). I was really not happy about that, so I had to then use the tiniest nib to ensure it wouldn't break again. Eyebrows lined, I could now use the sponge, and I loved it. It is so easy to use and fills in the brows like a dream, no bald spots here. The sponge is a little too waxy on the brows as I do feel them being pulled a bit, but it really does work. 

When it comes to the shades available there 4 to choose from, but I would suggest picking up at least two near your shade as I found the exact shade seems to come off too dark. The packaging at first glance looks professional for a drugstore brand, however, after the first use the writing just rubbed away and left a mess all over my hands. So, I did have to spend some time cleaning the mess off the packaging and my hands, so the next time I used it this problem wouldn't happen again. Considering this product is only £5.99 I don't mind the breakages, however the packaging I would have hoped would be designed a lot better. 

As for recommendations, I would recommend the wax sponge end to everyone as it is such an easy way to fill in those brows. But, as for the pencil, I would actually stay away from it, just because it breaks so easily and you will end up loosing more product then you're using. I would actually recommend Sleek's Brow Stylist at the same price or Soap and Glory's Archery at £10 as their pencils are just so much easier to use. 
(Update on this product: they have now reinvented the packaging to stop the color coming off on your hands, yay!)

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