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Magic Mineral Powder || Review

I have seen this product a few times in a lot of stores and it has always been expensive at £19.99. But, now after a few years this 'As Seen On TV' Magic Mineral Powder is now £9.98.

Now, when you first look at it, the packaging looks really cheap and tacky. It really is not the best, but if that's what they have changed to make it cheaper then I guess that will do. It does stay locked and keeps everything secure but it just looks too cheap. When you open it, there is a large mirror and the powder, which it does come with a mini brush. At first glance the powder looks a little dark for pale skin tones, with the addition of blue, yellow and lilac blobs. So, I was a little unsure whether this product would work with my skin. But taking a swatch it glided onto the skin, as it is a mineral pressed powder it is very fine and soft. I love mineral powders as they are super fine and feel great on the skin and don't feel cakey, so this is a plus.

Applying it to the skin it blended out well, so not orange or dark trance in sight. The brush applied the product on evenly and helped to further blend the powder out. The idea of the colored blobs, are to color correct and cancel out any odd colors, with the use of the color wheel. I have used this product a few times now and do love it, however if built up too much it can look a little orange, like most powders do. It does reduce my redness, but I would never apply this powder without foundation as it doesn't give the full coverage that I like. 

For a color correcting mineral powder it is a great cheap choice. However, it is a little naff to own as it just looks really cheap. For a better color correcting powder I would recommend MUA Color Correcting Powder or Kiko's Color Correcting Powder.

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