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Benefit Curl's Best Friend

To lauch and celebrate the new Benefit Roller Lash, Benefit opened up a pop up salon in Soho. I love Benefit and it only seemed right to book myself in using their Benefit Bar app, 18th March here I come.

But, me being me had a free day so I booked myself in two weeks earlier to see what it was like and I was blown away. For both appointments I booked myself in for Faux Blows, where you get your hair done and have a free makeover. At first the building was a little tricky to find but once I found it you would remember where it is. For my first appointment I was a little early so I headed into Foyles as they have a cafe upstairs, so I grabbed a drink before hand. The building is so cute nestled in the street with its pink brick and white frames, very fitting for Benefit as a brand. Opening the door I was just blown away, everyone was so friendly and made me feel right at home. Asking me if I'd like a drink which I declined, they took me upstairs to the makeover floor. With a makeup station in the middle of the room and a hair station and the far end with a mini photo booth in the corner. As well as a seating area just as you reach the room where they do brows, it was just amazing and that's when I got my hair did. I just wanted some curls as I am pretty crap at them (seen as last time I burnt myself so badly I have a scar), the wonderful girl curled most of my hair and the parts left and the front of my head, she showed me two ways of achieving curls with GHDs. After my hair was done I moved over to the makeup station, and got my makeup done with a theme of coral and orange used. My makeup was applied so professional as well as having a good chat about the products (most of which I own hehe). Makeup done it was time to take some pictures, so a few selfies were taken in the mirror and at the photo booth. Then I was taken upstairs to the Noir Bar, designed with They're Real in mind. So the color scheme was black and orange, so I fitted well into the background (with my orange/coral makeup and orange tee). After the photos were taken, we then took more downstairs in the main reception area which I first went in when I entered. Getting a water I had a lovely chat with everyone and relax, soaking in the experience and attention to detail the rooms were. It was amazing and I got given a free set of sleep in rollers to try out, it was a great experience that i had to get someone to come with me next time I go.

Which I did, my mum came with me so she could enjoy the experience as well. Walking in she was really excited, but what I didn't tell here was that she was having a Faux Blow too, haha. Walking in we met Pablo, a cute little pug who was just the sweetest. Then asking for just water and coffee we headed upstairs. Everyone again super friendly and even remembered me, so I went for the wavy curls which were brushed out and had super volume. Where my mum was put in rollers and given an old Hollywood glam style. As my makeup was already done, I let them do my mums makeup. She was a little nervous as she usually avoids makeup because she doesn't feel 100% confident using it. But with a little bronzer, brows and lashes she looked fab, and better then she thought she would look. While she was getting her makeup done we were talking to the girls about makeup and looks. We even shared ideas on makeup looks and I got to show them my character makeup which they though was pretty cool hehe. Once done we went to the photo booth, but it wasn't working so we took advantage of camera smart phones and took a bunch of photos with the Benefit background. Mum now becoming a big fan of brows picked up a Gimme Brow, my holy grail of brow products, and we headed back down stairs. Everyone complemented us on our hair, which just made us feel on cloud nine. Paying of our stuff and Faux Blows (£15, hair, free makeup and free drink) and being given free cup mats, we headed off, but not without taking some photos of Pablo the pug before we left.
The experience was amazing, and the work they do there is so talented you can see they have enthusiasm for their work. This salon in Greek Street, Soho is only here till the end of March, so quickly book your slot now. But, don't panic if you don't make it there before it has gone, they are taking a beauty tour bus all around the UK, so look out for that. If you really cannot find the tour bus near you, I would strongly recommend going to the Benefit Boutique in Carnaby Street, London. As they not just sell makeup but also offer a variety of treatments, so go check them out.

The pop-up event was just so much fun and everyone there made it that much more enjoyable, so try and visit.

Stay Gorgeous
(Sorry for the photo heavy post)

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  1. Wow this place looks really nice and so does your hair! I definitely need to go I think. I'm not quite sure if I suit curly hair though, everytime I get it done professionally it never looks good and never drops! When I do it myself I like how it looks but no matter how much hairspray I put in it instantly drops when I leave the house!
    I think I'd try the rollers if I went there!

    Katie x