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Revlon Color Stay Foundation || Review

I seen so many people rave about this foundation as it is the drugstore version of Estee Lauder's Double Wear Foundation. So me being me had to try it, at least once, though for a drugstore foundation it is a little pricey at £12.49 , which is why I haven't bought it till now. I managed to find my shade in the reduced section, I know I know it isn't the best place to buy makeup as it's been opened and touched, but being savvy I cleaned it up and actually there wasn't that much foundation missing from the bottle. 

Having a day free, I tried the foundation and was immediately surprised that it was actually lighter then my skin tone, shocker. This is actually the first foundation I have found that is lighter then my own skin tone which didn't at all change color, amazing, but a slight problem as well. The reason it's a slight problem, my powders are more pale then bronzing (I do own slightly darker powders by they were all at home at the time) which means I need to darken my powders to make my face come more to life. The foundation has a very high coverage, great at hiding those blemishes, though I did find that the foundation actually made my skin break out. It is a little on the cakey side, but surprisingly it does blend over the face well. The overall best part of the foundation is that it lasts a very long time, I applied it at 9 am and then took it off at 10 pm, and it still looked the same as when I first applied it just a little oily on the T-zone.

Overall, I wouldn't recommend this foundation if you don't want that cakey feeling on the face. As for the color range it is great, but I would suggest getting a sample as it may cause break outs.

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  1. Was just about to buy this, would have been such a waste of money! Loved this post x


    1. Awww thank you I am glad you loved the post. Yeah it is a lot of money for a drugstore brand and the hype about this product is why I picked it up, but it is just a little cakey for me x