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Mac Objects Of Affection Rose Glitter || Review

I have always wanted to get a Mac Christmas set, and in 2013 I only managed to pick up the last lipstick left in their Christmas collection. As I missed out on a set, I ensured that 2014 would be the year I would plan to pick up a Christmas set. After waiting for an email and the web site to show the new Christmas collection, I went straight out and bought myself one. It was hard to decided between the sets, which one I wanted but then I settled with the Rose pigments collection, as I wanted to try the Tan and Rose Gold pigment.

To start the box just looks amazing, hard plastic so you can use it again if you want to. It has a black glitter lid which just looks so professional and perfect, great as a present or display box on a vanity. The pigments in the box just made it even better, with four pigments and a glitter it was well worth the money. The pigments are all rose toned and so is the glitter, all four pigments you can pick up in full size at Mac stores. The size of these product actually suit me a lot better, as I don't go for the full on glamorous look everyday I knew that these pigments will last me a while. For a trial size it is perfect, and can work well together or on their own.

The four pigments are; Whisper Pink, Tan, Rose and Heritage Rouge and the glitter is Reigning Riches. They are super pigmented and so easy to blend, except for the glitter which is actually the only thing I don't like about this set. The pigments can be blended out to produce a light color or build up for a more intense shade. The are very shimmery, which makes them more glamorous and amazing, though Heritage Rouge is less shimmery than the rest. The glitter isn't my favorite and I can't actually use it, I did try but the glitter was too messy and it irritated my eyes. Not good as I found glitter in my eyes and all over my clothes, not a good look.

If you are thinking about buying any of the Mac pigments, I would recommend any of these shades and the Blue/Brown pigment.

Stay Gorgeous

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  1. Rose & blue brown are the only pigments i've got so far. they're definitely the best ones :) xx
    julianne | www.juliannechambers.com

    1. Yeah they are my favorite as well as the tan pigment x