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Inglot Freedom Powder Palette || Review

After attending the 13th IMATS in London, I have wanted Inglot makeup. The freedom pallets are just so cute, and seeing them on Youtube I just had to have one for myself. After a visit to Westfield Shopping Center in Stratford City, London, I found the shop I have been looking for, Inglot. While there, I browsed through the beauty on sale, and decided on the powder I wanted at IMATS and a White HD powder. As I spend over £30, I got a free gift of either a nail polish or an eyeliner, so I chose an eyeliner. When choosing the powder you also have to decide what palette you want as they only sell pans. The cheapest palette is the freedom pallet, which is just a base with a magnetic top, the next is a more solid palette with an attached lid, finally the most expensive are individual hard plastic palettes with a mirror. Me being me went for the cheapest option, though it is the most iconic and cutest.

The white pan is a HD powder, in small amounts it is very translucent, similar to Makeup Forever Professional Paris HD Powder. If built up, it will come off much more white, though it is a great powder to matte the face for at least 5 hours. When I have used this powder, photos have been perfect with not too much shine, as well as looking flawless off camera. The reason I picked up a white powder was to matte my character makeup, as well as matte beauty makeup with out adding further color to it. This powder also helps lighten the over all shade of the makeup, great when you look a little on the orange side.

The mosaic pan, is made up of four color; Beige, Yellow (cream), Lilac (light purple) and Green (light green). The colors that make up this powder are cancelling colors, which means this powder is great at evening out the skin tone. I do think this powder actually works at cancelling and evening my skin tone, however the beige color does make the powder on the dark side for my skin tone. This problem means that it does come off a little orange, but mixing it with the white powder helps to balance out this orange tone. The powders are both mineral powders, which means that they are very fine and light on the skin.

For what these powders are, I would recommend them to more makeup artists and enthusiasts, as they are a little more particular than your everyday powders. However, if you are looking for makeup to be used for character makeup or have more mineral makeup then this is the brand for you. However, this product is a little difficult to get as you cannot order it online as the stores seem few and far between. 

Stay Gorgeous

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  1. You've been nominated for the Liebster Award!


    1. Thank you so much for nominating me my answers will be up sometime this week x

  2. Seriously I die for Inglot. Living in South Africa this is our "best non-high end" brand and I swear I have like 6 HUGE freedom palettes. They are incredible and so versatile - and your cheap decision was the best, the freedom palette is SO iconic and easy to find when you are searching through your make-up drawers :)


    1. They are the best, just looking at them makes me so happy. I'm planning on getting some more as they are so handy and store away so easily as they are not bulky. It's just a shame here in the UK I have to go into busy london to pick them up x