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February Favorites

Can you believe it the end of the month has come again and very quickly indeed. I cannot believe how quickly the end of the month has come but it has been fun, end of winter exams and the start of my second semester. As well as Valentines day and time where me and my fiancee have been able to live like we are living in our own home (I love it and can't wait to have my own home). As this month has flown by, there isn't much in my favorites list but its still a good amount of faves.

There is always beauty in my favorites and it will be the same for future favorites to come. But my skin care routine has been getting better and better and a lot more frequent and a few things have become an addition to the weekly routine. The Body Shop Drops of Youth Sleeping Bounce Mask, it is such a strange face mask that you apply to your face before bed. It is just like jelly and a pea size amount is all you need, and this product is such great quality from The Body Shop. It is a bit pricey, but it has done wonders for my skin. It is clearer, smoother and younger looking, it's a miracle product. I also have been exfoliating my face twice a week using the Indeed Powder Exfoliator. It is amazing and really does deep clean my skin, great getting rid of all makeup. I have seen this type of product in Space NK but it is really expensive, not saying this product wasn't expensive but cheaper then the brands from Space NK. 

When it comes to makeup there are only a few bits I have been loving. I love creme shadows and this month does seem to be a month of creme shadow as it is so easy to apply and wear all day. My creme shadow of choice has been Maybelline 24hr Color Tattoo in On and On Bronze. I am just loving bronze shades at the moment it is almost like this year is a bronze year for me, but this product is just perfect it lasts all day with no movement of color transfer. It is also not too dark which means the light catches the shimmer and makes my eyes really pop and look huge. Some days I have also been applying some powder shadow over the top in Ambient from the Smashbox On the Rocks palette. This palette is just amazing, not just because it has my favorite bronze/gold shade but the colors in the palette are just to die for. They are super pigmented and have a lot of shimmer shades in the palette as well as a few staple matte shades. To make my eyes even bigger and doll like I have been obsessing over Benefit's new mascara the Roller Lash. It just makes my lashes look longer and really curled, no need for eyelash curlers no more. If you haven't tried this mascara head out and try it, it is available in this months issue of Elle magazine. For my lips I have been loving Transformulas Lip Plumping gloss. I would love to have my lips more plumper and bigger but that doesn't happen naturally, and seen as I don't want to go for cosmetic surgery I look for alternatives. After seeing this a few times in Boots I had to try it and I have been loving it. You need to use it for at least 4 weeks before you notice a difference it is still on trial, but after using it for 2 weeks I have seen a little bit of a change. My lips look a little plumper and it is a menthol gloss but it doesn't tingle like most plumping glosses do. It even moisturizes my lips and has made them more supple.  

It's not all about the great skin, the hair needs some attention to. Recently my hair has been really happy and has not hated shampoo and conditioner like it used to. The shampoo and conditioner I have been loving this month is the Tresemme Volume and Body. It has made my hair super soft, shiny and smells really nice. It definitely gives my hair volume, not too much that it is to much to handle but it keeps my hair from looking flat. I love all the Tresemme range but at the moment I am loving volume in my hair. 

My phone case, I got it from Vista Print and I love it. It has my blog header on it, as I feel it shows off my blog a lot more. It looks amazing and am so in love with it I show it off every chance I get. Vista Print have always got offers going on so go check them out for Business cards, Phone cases, bags, pens ect. My New Look handbag is another love for this month, it just looks really professional and stylish. I would love a Mulberry bag but currently I waiting for it, but I love the strap idea were you can have it as two small straps or one long one, which is exactly what the New Look bag is like. I haven't treated myself to a nice bag in ages so this is a great choice. 

I have recently discovered a WHSmiths which sells American sweets, yay. I love some of the American candy and finding a place that sells it is great, and one of the things I have been loving is the Mint Choc Chip Ice-cream flavored Extra gum. It is so good and mouth watering, I love mint choc chip ice-cream and can't get enough of this gum. But, what I have before I fresh my breath with this amazing gum, the Fish 'n' Chips Crisps. They are so good, I remember when they first came out years and years ago they were so good, then they disappeared for some reason. But, recently they came back out and I have been loving them, they are a great snack for lunch and soo taste.

Now I can't do this months favorites without including 50 Shades of Grey. I got to see this film on Valentines day and loved it. The screen was a little full and the film was good but not worth the hype, but would I watch it again, yes. The story is good but getting to see the hansom Jamie Dornan made it all the better, seen as we had free tickets it made the night that much more exciting. To go along with this 50 Shades theme, I have also been loving the slow version of Beyonce's Crazy in Love song. I just love it and have been singing it to myself for weeks, it makes you feel sexy and powerful.

That is all of my February favorites, what are your?
Stay Gorgeous

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