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Essie Nail Polish Set || Review

I have a steady increase of nail polish, enough to paint my nails a different color every day of the year, and it's still increasing. Over Christmas, I was looking for a really glamorous sparkly polish to rein in the festive spirit. The one that caught my eye was the Essie A Cut Above, a really sparkly glittery rose color. As rose gold is so in at the moment I just had to get it, but when it comes to polish I like to get a few to add under the glitter, but luckily Essie were going a box of two polishes one being A Cut Above. So like any sane person I checked the price comparison and then picked up the box of two, so for only £12.99 I picked up A Cut Above and Fiji.

Now, I personally find Essie polish a bit to sheer on my nails, which is annoying as I need to add more coats and it takes longer to dry. So I had my doubts about how it would come out, though I gave it a go. Fiji is a pinkie white shade, which is more white then pink, great color for Spring I would say. Though, it isn't as opaque as I would like, it did take three coats to cover the whole nail and about 30 mins to an hour to dry. A Cut Above, is just amazing on as a touch of glitter or a full set of nails. I have tried this glitter polish over many different shades of polish, which pink it goes a lot pinker and brighter and over gold it becomes a beautiful rose gold color. The glitter goes go on in gradients, so for a light coat just use it once and for a thicker glitter apply it about 2 to 3 times. The glitter shade dries a lot faster in about 20 minutes, great for on the go.

Over the festive period, it was a great polish to take a day nail to night, as well as adding that touch of sparkle to an office party wearing that little black dress. You can still pick up Essie Fiji from any of your local Superdrug or Boots, for the price of £7.99.

What are your favorite nail polishes?
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