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The Body Shop Tea Tree Pore Minimizer || Review

I suffer from large pores and find it so hard to find things that will minimize them so they look non-existent. Many products claim to minimize pores, but they don't really do the trick. So after trying several from makeup brands I decided to try a skin care product to see if they shows any results.

Choosing the Tea Tree Pore Minimizer by The Body Shop, I thought this would do the trick as well as treat any blemishes I may have. The consistency is similar to a gel more than a liquid, as it is slightly thicker and have a very strong scent of Tea Tree. I thought that the product would have more of an effect straight away, yet I didn't see any difference in my pores.

After a few attempts, I realized that this product had to go over my primer as it was rubbing off when apply the opposite way. Putting it over my primer meant that my blemishes weren't being helped by the product at all. After using it for a few months now, I can safely say that it doesn't minimize my pores what so ever. However, it does help fight blemishes as I apply it to the outer edges of my face rather then where my pores are largest.

The product is fairly cheap at only £7.50, but for pore minimizing I would have to give this product a thumbs down. If you are suffering from blemishes I would recommend this product in your makeup routine, just to give you a little fighting action. Though, it does take a few applications to notice a difference.

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