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Revolutions Metal Foil Shadow || Review

I love things that are rose gold and for a while now I have really wanted the Stila Metal Foil Shadow in Kitten, but it is really expensive and there was nothing out at the time that could be considered the same. Until Revolutions arrived in Superdrug and they released their Metal Foil Shadow in Rose Gold, for only £5, a bit of a difference from the £33 Stila Kitten Foil.

The set looks very professional, with a liquid primer and mixing tray, as well as the packaging looking amazing. There are not that many shades available but the shades that are just look amazing.

The actual pot the product is in does seem a little on the plastic side, but not as cheap as some products. The rose gold shade is more on the gold side then the rose, but I actually prefer it this way. As it does come with a primer, I thought I couldn't use the product without the primer, but you can. It is a little hard to remove from the pot, as it has a gloppy feel, but when using it dry, dabbing a brush in the product will pick up enough for an eye. The product is a little tricky to use wet, as first you need to remove enough product and place it in the tray. You then need to add some primer, which is hard as you have to guess how much liquid is need for the product. As well as those tricky stages, you then need to apply the product to the eyes before it dries, and it dries very quickly. However, when it is on the lids you need to allow to dry for a few seconds otherwise it will transfer to the skin above the eye, when it gets there it will not come off.

So apart from those few issues it is still a great product. I find this product amazing for parties, especially for this past festive period. It is very shimmery which means you are ready to party, and the fact it lasts all day means it will take you all the way from AM to PM. I would recommend this product to anyone waning that super shimmery eye or a cheaper alternative to Stila Kitten Metal Foils.

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