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Hello 2015

Hey dolls,

So I decided that once Christmas hit I would have a break from Blogging and videos, as I wanted some much needed family time and to relax. It did make me feel bad not posting anything and actually disappearing off the face of the internet for a week or so.

Over this time I did so much I feel I didn't really have time off, but now its a new year I can start a fresh and really work hard on my blog and Youtube (or at least try). As it is a new year and start its time to think about some resolutions that I am planning on applying to my life this year. It was hard to think of any and then they came all at once, so from today my action plan is in place.

1/ Change the way I think about my health : I'm actually starting the Kayla Itsines fitness and nutrition guides for the Bikini Body lifestyle. It's a very full on and active change which I'm forcing myself to do. When it comes to fitness and food, I just fall at the first hurdle and never try again, but this time I have a home guy and my own personal pusher (hehe). Hopefully I can last the full 12 weeks and see if I can continue the entire package. Hopefully this time next year I'll be fitter and healthier.

2/ Be more organised : I'm usually a really organised person when it comes to my studies and my life, but my blog and Youtube usually gets slightly shunted and my organisation becomes a bit messed up. So I am going to aim to make more lists and make myself prepare for the weeks ahead.

3/ Drink more water : I know that water is good for you but some days I can go with only one glass of water. This is so bad for you and your skin, so my aim is to drink at least 750 ml of water/fluids a day.

4/Reconnect with family : It's been so long since I have seen some members of my family and now I am trying to reconnect. It is so hard to reconnect with family, it seems you feel disconnected and apart. But once the hard part is out the way then thinks start to flow a lot more smoothly.

5/ Be more Positive : I am a worrier at heart and find it so hard to stay positive and happy about life. So this year I am trying to be happier and smile a lot more and be mentally positive. 

So here's to 2015 and being the start of  a whole me me 
Stay Gorgeous

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