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First Impressions || Morphy Richards Easy Blend

I have wanted a blender for ages, since I started buy Ben and Jerry's milkshakes at Odeon. Just to be able to blend up a milkshake or smoothie when ever I wanted was so enjoyable for me, and it would mean that I'd have more fruit in my diet. After seeing the prices of all the other top notch blenders such as the Nutribullet, I decided that I would go for a cheaper one, the Morphy Richards Easy Blend. I found this blender on offer in PC World Currys and just wanted to buy it then and there, but I waited and got it as a Christmas Present. 

At first glance it does seem a little cheap and plastic, and the guide did say things that you needed to do to ensure the life of the blender. Such as only use up to 6 ice cubes but optimum is 3 cubes, and run it for 2 mins then leave to rest for 10 mins before use again. So, it does seem a little naff in that respects but it did come with two beakers which is what I really wanted in the blender. 

The actual power source for the blender is easy to use and set up, just plug it in the wall and there are three stages to choose from. The first (I) is a slow blend and (II) is a fast blend, these tow stages I start with first for the initial hard blend. The third stage is a pulse (P) stage, which give the smoothie a burst of power to further blend the liquid. This stage has to be forced as the switch is not held in this position, there for a pulse is created.

The beakers which hold the liquid are very big, 750ml, which is actually a lot of smoothie. The beakers also come with lids that have sipping holes so you can have your smoothie on the go. Once the product is put into the beaker for blending the blades are screwed onto the beaker. There is a seal on the blades that helps keep it water tight when the beaker is turned upside down. However, the seal needs to be checked before use, as it can come loose and end up in your smoothie. 

The one bug bear for me with the product is that the attachment between the blades and the power source is stiff. It can be hard to lock the two together to ensure the beaker is on the power source, I have found it can be easy to go on but very hard to come off again. The problem this brings is that it can start to unscrew the beaker to  the blades and that would be disastrous and messy. This hasn't happened yet, touch wood. The blender also can start to smell like it is over heating, which I don't mind but it can start to smell very quickly after starting the blender. When this occurs I usually switch the machine off and let it rest.

If you are looking for an easy, quick and cheap blender, I would recommend this one. However, if you want to spend that bit more for a more high power one then the Nutribullet would be the way to go. As I don't use this blender everyday, it is just perfect for my needs.

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