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Big Healthy Sexy Hair || Review

I recently (about 3 months ago) changed my hair care routine and started to try Fat Hair Shampoo and the Big Sexy Hair Conditioner, just to give my hair a bit more health and volume. These hair products are completely different to everyday shampoos and conditioners as they are sulfate free (as well as a few other things free). This makes them a lot more natural and healthy for your hair, you may have read or see me talk about how my scalp is never happy and always changing, well this combo is all my hair wants right now with no problems at all.

The shampoo is easy to pick up, just £2.77 (usually £5.59) at Superdrug. I have never seen it in stores before so I am pretty sure it is new to stores, but now I have used it I will never go back. It smells so good almost like strawberries and leaves my hair feeling stronger and softer.I apply it to my scalp mainly and then run it through to the ends of my hair, as it is sulfate free it is less dense and heavy on the hair meaning the hair isn't weighed down by product while you are showering. There is a lot of volume that comes from this product, lifting the hair off the scalp creating this natural volume.

Accompanied by the the Big Sexy Hair Conditioner, the volume of my hair is insane. Again this conditioner is sulfate free which doesn't weigh your hair down. I usually start with running it through the ends of my hair and then to my head, leave it for about 5 mins and then rinse it off. My hair is so smooth and tame after it is so much easier to manage. Once it is dry there is a lot of volume present which looks great, as long as you haven't slept funny with wet hair then the volume is it the wrong place (I know I've done it hehe). This conditioner is so amazing, though if your in the UK, can be really hard to find. I found mine in TK Maxx for £9.99, though it is tough to find as the don't always sell it in every TK Maxx and they definitely don't sell it online. This is a bummer as I love this conditioner and want more, but Fat Hair do also make a voluminous conditioner for the same price as the shampoo just a much smaller bottle then the Big Sexy Hair.

If you want healthy hair and loads of volume, I highly recommend the Fat Hair brand at Superdrug or if you can find it the Big Sexy Hair. For stronger healthy hair try to find shampoos and conditioners without sulfate as they will help strengthen the hair. My hair has been damaged so bad in the past that it is actually getting so much better with these product.

Stay Gorgeous

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