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14 Things I Learnt in 2014

Yes I know this post is a bit late, but it took me a while to think about what I have learnt in 2014. To be honest I change a lot at the end of 2014 and learnt a lot of my life lessons then. But there were a few lessons learned at the beginning. I hope you can learn a few things from my life lessons and see if you can improve your 2015.

1/ Be Myself.
After starting University I have tried to be more myself then I was before, embracing my strange and random personality. Trust me it has made me feel a lot better about meeting people and accepting of myself, as well as giving me a lot more confidence.

2/ Be More Positive, It Will Surprise You.
Trying to be more positive with life actually makes me feel a lot better. It even makes me try a lot harder with both fitness and work. It's always a downer when things don't go your way but thinking positively makes that bad news more bearable. 

3/ Expecting Things to Happen Fast Never Works.
At the start of the year I wanted to know if I was going to university, and a few places came back saying unsuccessful. So I gave up and a month later I got the green light and the news that I was starting uni. Now, I'm going to take a step back at future organizing and see what happens with my life.

4/ Being the Bigger Person is Always Best.
Taking the high road can seem egotistic, but in some cases it is the best solution. I took the high road and started to build bridges with some of my family I haven't seen in years. It made me feel better about my family life and made me feel like I made an effort, if they didn't respond I knew that at least I tried the best I could.

5/ Friends Make You Happy, So Give Them Your Time.
As I don't have that many friends, you have to make an effort to keep them happy and keep them in your life. Giving them your time makes friends for life and getting to know them builds a strong bond. And lets face it there will be a point in your life that you need their help and they will be there. Don't be worried if you don't see them all the time, a friend you see now and then is still a friend.

6/ Thin Brows Don't Suit Me.
At the start of the year, after I left work, I started getting in to my beauty and try new things. I have had a problem with my brows for years and have never really been happy with them. So with my free time I started to shape my brows, big mistake, they were thin and short. I was happy with them for a bit, then I realized that you couldn't actually see them. So I left them to grow and shape them here and there, for me they look good and looking back now I will never have thin brows.

7/ Accepting Yourself Makes You Happier.
I have had a battle with my body for so many years that the image in the mirror seems to stay the same, even if I loose weight. But, I am trying to accept myself more and be happier with the way I look. It is still a struggle but with my Bikini Body Guide, I am starting to tone up and feel a lot better about my body. It will always be a struggle but as long as I start accepting myself and loving my body the happier I will be.

8/ There Is More To Life Then Work.
At the start of the year I was working, but my contract had change as well as the people I was working with. The company had recently changed to an online system for pay and it was really not working. I became stressed and ill with anxiety due to the late payments and in the end I couldn't afford to work away from home. Once I left it opened my eyes to the old saying my dad kept telling me "you work to live not live to work". That's exactly how I feel I will live my life and what I have passed on to my fiancee, if you aren't happy with your job and your life, stop and change it to make you happier. You only get one life so don't ruin it with something you don't love.

9/ Stress and Worry Will Kill Me One Day.
I suffer from anxiety and stress, which has lead to depression, but recently my anxiety has got worse. But, if I don't try to find calming activities and things I love to do the stress and worry will kill me. So life is to short to worry and stress, but if you can't stop try to do more things that will make you happy and stress free.

10/ Getting Older is Inevitable.
I will be 23 this year and I feel like my life is flashing fast before my eyes. Thinking about holidays and the good times seems years ago. It is inevitable that we get older but lets make this life enjoyable, your only your ages once so lets pack it full of fun memories we can remember when we are old.

11/ Keep Imagination Alive, It's a Release.
I have such an active imagination that helps me disappear into a world I fell free and alive in. Keeping this imagination alive helps me relax and makes the time pass by. No imagination means a plain boring world, I feel some days go on and on and this ability makes them more bearable. Just try not to day dream during lectures you might miss something important.

12/ As Much As You Try, Normal is Never The Way To Go.
I try to be normal, but then I put my foot in it and say something strange and not very normal. The way I look and dress isn't "Normal" or "Perfect" and it costs way to much to look like everyone else. Being a sheep is no fun at all, so I am trying to embrace my random, imperfect self. Which you'll find people love (like my fiancee).

13/ Makeup Doesn't Have to be Glamorous.
In October I started to do some Halloween tutorials, and in the process discovered a new world of makeup. Character makeup is so much fun for me and I actually prefer it to the basic beauty makeup, you can tell a story and have fun with it. It's about breaking the boundaries and being adventurous, glamour is good but that's what everyone is doing. If you find something you enjoy keep doing it you be more enthusiastic and passionate about it.

14/ Everything Will be Different Next Year.
After all these life lessons, things will be different next year. More life lessons, a year older and more you. As much as you dwell on the last year, everything will change in the new one. Smile and face the world full on, as your worth the world to see.

Stay Gorgeous

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