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Zoella Beauty Body Mist || Review

I love Zoella, I love her videos and she is one of the reasons I have put a lot more effort in my blog and Youtube as she suffers with anxiety as well. So, when her new beauty range was coming out, I knew I had to buy at least one thing. Now, it was hard to think of what to pick up, but I knew I wanted one of the makeup bags and something else. Looking at the range there isn't that much to choose from, but after smelling the body mist I knew that was what I wanted.

The bottle is so cute and a perfect size, with poka-dots on one side and a red top and sprayer it looked gorgeous. The scent is just amazing, it is really fresh smelling and reminds me of freshly cleaned clothes. Not a chemical or ordinary clean smell but almost floral but not over powering, As I have a bit of an obsession with perfume it was just the perfect scent I could have for everyday at uni or around the house. So, I tested it out, it was so nice but I was really disappointed, the smell didn't last at all, for me it didn't even last an hour. It is such a cute product but I don't want to have to keep it in my bag all the time and keep spraying it every hour, people might think I smell. I could understand with a body spray like Charlie, which is in a small metal bottle but a glass bottle I don't think so. I have tried all the hacks in the book to make this mist last and nothing.

For only £8 at Superdrug, I know it's not a lot and I can buy more but for something that doesn't last long I don't think I will. I'm still a fan of Zoella none the less, its just annoying I can't make the spray last. 

Have you had this problem? What would you suggest?

Stay Gorgeous

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