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MUA Pro-Base Primer and Concealer Powder || Review

After attending IMATS this year, I found a powder which was made up of three colors that when mixed would create a white shade that blended into the skin and matched the skin tone. Not having an Inglot near me at the time I thought I would have to wait till next year to purchase it. But, then a miracle happened and Superdrug's own brand (MUA) released a similar powder.

Being so hard to find in the first place this is like nothing you get in a Drugstore and it is at such a great price at only £4. Compared to the Inglot powder, it is more shimmery then matte, it's ok but I would have liked it even more if it was matte rather than shimmery. Though, I do think the beige color is a little to dark for pale skin tones as the over all shade does come off a little dark. Though as for color matching and blending, I do think it does control the odd colors of blemishes after you apply foundation. As a powder on its own it doesn't cover at all, though it does help blur and it feels super soft and velvety on the skin.

If you haven't tried this product yet, head to your local Superdrug. For some this product may not be for them but in my opinion, you need a product like this in your life.

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