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Kiko 107 Face Brush || Review

I have an addiction with Makeup, and with this makeup addiction come a separate Makeup Brush addiction, and I am slowly building up a big collection of makeup brushes. Heading into Kiko, I thought I would brows the brush section just to have a look and feel, and that's where I found it the 107 Face brush. This brush is amazing super soft and super dense, great for buffing out foundation and concealer. The brush is rather a funny shape that it is curved inwards in the center of the brush, this design is slightly strange to me, but when I tried it I knew why. A human face is round and has curves all over it, so why have a brush that follows straight lines when you can have one that follows the natural curves of the face.

I did think that this design would mean that a lot of foundation would get lost within the bristles, but it didn't. Being so dense it really helps buff all types of foundations into the skin, as well as being soft that it doesn't damage the skin especially around the eyes. If you are after a good dense face brush this is the way to go, though it is a bit pricey at £15.90 but it is well worth the money as the quality of the brush is fantastic.

I strongly recommend this brush in your brush collection its amazing.

Stay Gorgeous

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