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Christmas Tag

As it is getting close to Christmas I thought I would take part in this Christmas tag that seems to be going around. I did get this idea from Urban beauties blog, so all the questions are the ones she answered, I hope you enjoy and take part to.

1/ What is you favorite Christmas Movie??
Well that's a hard one as I can't just choose one, but my favorites are Miracle of 34th Street (the one with Richard Attenborough), Jack Frost (1998) as it makes me cry every time and The Santa Clause with Tim Allen.

2/ Do you open your presents Christmas Eve or Christmas Day??
Christmas Day, and all the days afterwards as we see many people after. I did once open a present Christmas Eve but it wasn't anything big or special and it felt too weird lol

3/Do you have a favorite Christmas Memory??
Yes, when I was younger the whole family was up at my Uncles. I got a Harry Potter dragon for Christmas and the cat squeezed itself in the box behind the dragon. I couldn't play with that toy for hours.

4/What is your favorite festive food??
Hmmmm...Swede, Cranberry sauce, Turkey and Roast Parsnips...YUM

5/ What has been your favorite Christmas gift??
I don't really know, I love all my presents. This year my favorites might be my Mehron Special FX Kit.

6/ What is your favorite Christmas scent??
It's a toss between Hugo Boss Boss Orange and VIP 212

7/ Do you have any Christmas Eve traditions??
Nope all we do is chill out on Christmas eve and then head to bed, not every interesting.

8/ What tops your tree??
At home nothing as we have a small fiber optic tree to it doesn't have any decorations apart from a few bows. Though, at my fiance's they have a fairy on the top of their tree.

9/ As a kid, what crazy, extravagant gift did you ask for but never get??
I did ask for a dog one year and didn't get it, but I got degus instead. But, I can't think of anything really, I never asked for crazy gifts...well those I didn't ask for. I did get a dancing robot one year hehe.

10/ What's the best part of Christmas for you??
That's easy its being with my family, you don't get to do it much. Everyone is so separate or busy that this time of year you actually get to see everyone. Which means more food and crazy games, just good old family fun that people seem to forget.

I hope you enjoyed reading about what I love about Christmas. What do you love about the holidays??

Stay Gorgeous

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