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Rimmel Wonder'full Mascara || Review

This mascara is revolutionary, to the health of your lashes people. It takes a lot for me to say something is revolutionary. It has to past a series of questions at the highest level, the questions are usually unique for that product compared to others similar that are out there. This one passed the mark, now I know a lot of people have rated this product poorly, but it works a bit differently to a usual mascara. 

Now, the usual mascaras help your lashes look longer or thicker, but this mascara makes your lashes look much more healthy and smooth. This mascara contains argan oil, which is used to help make hair smoother, softer and slightly stronger. For me this mascara is what you apply to your lashes before the thickening or lengthening mascaras. The reason for this, is that the lashes need to be loved and looked after, just like your hair on your head. When using this mascara, I found my lashes looked healthier and naturally fuller, they also became stronger and break less frequently than when you just use plain old mascara. 

The color is very black and does give you that natural lash look when used on its own. It also has a faint scent, which I think is quite nice. Not all mascaras have a scent and some don't smell very pleasant, but this mascara is incredible and doesn't seem to get thick or watery. The consistency is almost like a gel, which is great as it means the mascara doesn't go one to wet and doesn't fully dry out (not that mine had dried out at all). 

The wand is very sturdy and stiff, great for that full control of the wand. There is even a slight color range for lash colors, mine is extreme black which does have a slightly different shade packaging to the rest. The price of this product is something you don't want to miss out on, being only £7.99, and available anywhere that sells Rimmel. It is a great gift to give anyone this Christmas or even trea yourself with some healthy lashes.

Stay Gorgeous

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