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Rimmel Apocolips Matte Review

I have tried the original Apocolips gloss, but I didn't really enjoy it that much. I found it too bight and bold as well as tacky to the touch. My lips felt sticky and thick with product, so I didn't have very high expectations for the new matte range. Going into Superdrug, I chose a much more nude shade, so I wasn't too scared off from using it. 

The packaging is very similar to the old Apocolips, though the lid is matte and matte is written near the top of the bottle. The scent of the product is not the nicest smell in the world, and the wand is very long compared to other glosses I have tried. The tip of the wand is the classic angled tip, rater than the tear shape. The color is very opaque and bold, much more bold and opaque then I was expecting. It did look a little over the top and I need a lot more confidence to pull this look off.

The product is very easy to apply and smooths on with the wand, however, it was really gritty. The texture on the lips felt like there was sand in the bottle, not a texture I like as it feels like bits are stuck to my lips. The full texture is very strange as it is not drying and not too wet its like oil on the lips. There is a variety of colors, though having tried this gloss I would be more wary at the shades.

For me this product is a good price, though, I wouldn't purchase any more as the scent and texture is not very nice. If they re-designed the texture and scent then I may be inclined to purchase more.
£6.49, found in most Boots and Superdrug, and anywhere that sells Rimmel.

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