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MAC Blue Brown Pigment || Review

I haven't really though I needed pigments in my life, I always saw them as messy, chunky and tacky. But, a few months ago I saw a few posts on the MAC Blue Brown pigment and I had to try it just to see what the hype was about. Now, I have tried it I know why, this product is amazing so beautiful and so glamorous. The color to start is amazing, it's very mermaid-esk with blue shimmer running through a brown shadow. The brown is a little more on the red side then the brown side, though I correct this by applying it over a brown shadow. The pigment is very fine, not chunky at all and applies to the lids so smoothly, like applying normal shadow, it can be applied finely for a hint of color or built up for a more dramatic eye. 

The amount of product is great, there is so much there it is worth the price tag, £17. There is so much product I don't think I will need to replace it for ages, though, if the size is just to big MAC also do a travel size bottle online. The packaging is very MAC, with a high end look, the product is contained with a secondary seal which means the product and packaging stays neat and clean. At first glance the product does look wet, but I think that is just because the product is so fine and shimmery. 

After purchasing this product I have been turned to pigments and want to increase my collection. I would recommend this product to anyone as there are a lot of shades to choose from. Though, I think it would be better suited with someone with some knowledge of makeup as it can be tricky to use if you are a first time makeup user. Have you tried MAC Pigments?

Stay Gorgeous

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