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Kiko Makeup Fix Spray || Review

I don't really use makeup fix spray, but when I do I like it to feel like it is doing something. I mainly rely on makeup fix spray to make my face look less powdery. I have only used MUA fix spray and MAC Fix + . So when I saw that Kiko had a fix spray at a reasonable price I thought I would give it a go.

The packaging looks a lot like a hair spray can, which is ok but I wasn't that overly impressed. It was a different spray compared to what I am used to, as it is like a hairspray spout then a squirting spout. This then showed me the horror of the product, it was exactly like spraying a can of hairspray on my face. The smell of the product was that of hairspray, which was so disappointing considering Kiko are really good at most things they sell. The overall look and application of this product was just like hairspray and that is not what I wanted, so at this stage I was disappointing.

However, the spray is an alcohol based liquid, so it dries almost instantly. This is great as some liquid ones take a few minutes to dry before doing more to the face. It also makes me look less powdery, which is just what I want in a facial fixing spray. Though, after wearing it throughout the day I didn't find it fixed my makeup any longer than usual. Though, I can't seem to find a fixing spray that does keep my face on all day. For the price of the product I would recommend for a drier spray, as it costs £7.90. However, I would recommend other fixing sprays that are cheaper if you don't mind wetter sprays.

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