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DermaBlend Foundation Review

I always feel self-conscious when I have a bad break out, and it is really hard for me to find a foundation that I feel covers the marks. I have always wanted to try DermaBlend as I have seen so many people use it and rave about it, so it was my turn to give it a go.

Heading into Boots, I chose the lightest shade they did, as it is getting towards winter that my skin is getting even more pale. My first impression of this product was how light weight it felt. For a high coverage foundation, it felt light on the skin and didn't dry too quickly, which meant I could blend it out. I found my blemishes and redness was completely covered and it made me feel a whole lot better about my appearance. Finishing my face makeup I headed out to conquer the day, but before I knew it, my face looked a big shiny mess, not good. 

I have tried this foundation several times and every time my face became so oily it felt like it was running off. The coverage stays in place which is strange, but the matte or dewy look was completely wet looking. My skin condition didn't get any better, though it didn't get worse either. This is good as when this happens with any other foundation my skin gets worse. 

For oily skinned people, I wouldn't suggested this as a long term foundation, though if you only wear it for an hour or two it is ok. Though for the price, I wouldn't suggest it for oily skinned people, though dry to normal skin will work wonders as it will give you the moisture you need. This foundation is fairly hard to find in store as only selected Boots sell it, though you can order it online for £16. They also don't sell a lot of shades, so if you have dark skin this will not be good for you as there are no dark skin colors. Though, you can mix it with other foundations but that's a lot of hassle and more foundation is needed, so it's not worth the money.

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