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University Survival Guide: My First Week

Going back to school can be scary and it is even more scarier when you are new and have no friends, well starting university again does can have the same effect. I have been to university before but, compared to this experience it was very different. My first day actually started on Sunday 28th, yep a Sunday, I had a welcome freshers event where I got to meet a few people who were on my course and some older students and staff. This was ok at first, anxiety through the roof but it could control it, but once in a room with every one it got harder and by the end of it I actually had a panic attack and nearly ended up crying. But, once out and sitting in my fiancee's car I was able to calm myself down and hold off my panic attack further.

My first proper day started the day after and it was an early start to get ready. My first lesson or freshers event was at 9, and it started off with a pop quiz, great except it was a lot more human biological science than animal biology. It was actually quite hard to answer the question, there were questions like how far will blood spurt if you cut a human, apparently it's 10 meters. I then met my personal tutor, who is Spanish, so at first I didn't understand him completely, but, with time I could. He is new at being a personal tutor, so he had some trouble with showing us around the campus and telling us what places were for what. Though, with that said he was very helpful and polite, any problems we can email him and get help. After I had a few hours wait, so a nip to town was needed so I could find my bearing. Guildford is a great place, all the shops you need and a few more, I am actually within walking distance of a Space NK, which I did pop in and had a Nars test out time, walked away with some samples. The Boots and Superdrug are big and the shops are so welcoming. Heading back to Uni, I had one more lecture about what to expect in the University and where to find all the information on the course and life at the University, I didn't finish till 530 so I was knackered.

Day 2, was just a very short day, as I have lab sessions I need a lab coat and goggles. I do actually own a lab coat but it is a little small when you wear jumpers and they aren't really appropriate anymore as they are more like college ones rather than professional ones. But, I headed up there and paid my £14.10 for a lab coat, fancy goggles (not the ones you get at school), a marker pen and a hard back note book. I then was told where my lab locker was and that I needed to pick up a lock for it, so that is what I did. Heading from the uni, I headed back into the town just to pick up a few things

Day 3, again pretty easy day, just registration. Registration is needed to approve you to the university and actually say you are an official student. Great, as student finance doesn't get paid to you till your registered, so not so good for the days before the registration. However, I was supposed to get my student card but the systems were down, so I need to pick that up another day.

Day 4, well after my registration I was expecting to recive my student finance,but still a no show. If it isn't in there by Monday I may need to phone them up. I have checked online several time and it still says payment scheduled, so forgoing back to university with student fiance I am not happy. I also applied for my 3 year NUS card for more student discount. But, as for uni, I only had a lecture in the afternoon at 3 and it was pretty easy, just a talk on safety in the lab and how to use Microscopes. It was my fiancees mum's birthday so I headed over there for dinner, which was nice and so yummy.

Day 5 the final day of freshers week and the morning was all about the Gilsons Pipettes and spectrophotometers. It was ok, but I didn't read that my lecture was at 930 not 9 oops. After, we headed to pick up our student cards and then went for lunch. We were supposed to have a lecture on biochemistry, but it ended up being a lecture about extensions and alternative dates for exams, practicals and course work. Then we had a vote for student course reps, but it wasn't a vote they all got in so a bit crap. Once finished, we headed to the freshers fair, great for getting loads of freebies and signing up to societies. I even picked up a university jumper (which I have been after since Monday) and it came with tee and bag, great.

For my first week it has been fun, but hard to make many friends and meet new people. I have had a few panic attacks and anxiety attacks which isn't very good. But, I will get there, hopefully by Christmas I may have made a lot more friends.

Enjoy and Stay Gorgeous

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