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Halloween || Wolf

Hi dolls,
This tutorial was so fun to do, even though the look did end up looking more like a cartoon character. With this said, I do think it will be a great look for an evening out for Halloween.

First I applied white facial makeup to my whole face, I added a thicker layer onto my brows as I didn't cover them up in this video. I then took a back kohl liner (Maybelline Master Drama) to line my eyes, similar to a cat eye with elongation to the corners, dragging the corners down and out. Taking a black gel liner (Maybelline), I created the crease lines on the nose and made the outline of the nose, the nose needs to be a lot more box like to make the nose appear more dog like. Once the outline was finished I filled it in with black liner.

Taking the black gel liner I started to created the mouth, starting with the top lip, creating the teeth and gum on the top lip. Then taking the line under the bottom lip and adding teeth to the bottom lip. Finally, connect both ends of the mouth together and fill in the cheek gaps in black. To add a bit more color to the mouth, shade in the gum with a pink and brown lip liner. Taking the black liner, create a strong contour to the face, this will create this long snout like look. This strong contour will look great in the dark or out for Halloween.

To finish the face off and give it a lot more movement and dimension, taking a brown shadow and an angle brush, I created fur strokes under the eye. The fur strokes need to start off thin in the center of the face and feather out towards the outer edge, repeat this on the edge of the eyes, brows and on the forehead. Taking a lighter brown shadow, I applied this on the edges of the brown shadow, this creates more dimension and movement. Applying the color may look more block like so to fur the block out, take a white kohl liner (MUA Snow White Liner) on the edges of the fur.

To finish the whole look off, add a little bit of shadow under the bottom lip to make the mouth stand out more like a snout. Then take a hat (sorry the fur on mine melted in the tumble dryer) and gloves. You can even wear a black or grey tee to look more like a grey wolf, do a little bit of touching up and your done.

Enjoy and Stay Gorgeous

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